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Aging, reproduction and metabolism


H_Aguilaniu_100x100.pngPresentation of research topics developped by the team of Hugo Aguilaniu (in English).

Our team studies the molecular links between longevity (or aging) and other traits such as reproduction and/or metabolism, using C. elegans as our main model. The molecular nature of these links is still largely unclear and evolutionary theories have also failed to provide a satisfactory description of these fundamental connections.

 Our goal is therefore to provide a detailed description of the molecular networks that mediate these links.

 We feel that our approach will shed light on important questions about the biology of aging such as:

     - What is the cost of extended longevity?

     - To what extent does lifespan contribute to fitness?

We hope that our data will ultimately help to rationally design new strategies to treat age-related diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration, metabolic syndromes and sarcopenia.




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