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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 81 references in this bibliography folder.

Thorimbert, V, Konig, D, Marro, J, Ruggiero, F, and Jazwinska, A (2015).
Bone morphogenetic protein signaling promotes morphogenesis of blood vessels, wound epidermis, and actinotrichia during fin regeneration in zebrafish
FASEB J, 29(10):4299-312.

Van De Bor, V, Zimniak, G, Papone, L, Cerezo, D, Malbouyres, M, Juan, T, Ruggiero, F, and Noselli, S (2015).
Companion Blood Cells Control Ovarian Stem Cell Niche Microenvironment and Homeostasis
Cell Rep, 13(3):546-560.

Blanc, S, Ruggiero, F, Birot, AM, Acloque, H, Decimo, D, Lerat, E, Ohlmann, T, Samarut, J, and Mey, A (2014).
Subcellular localization of ENS-1/ERNI in chick embryonic stem cells
PLoS One, 9(3):e92039.

Havis, E, Bonnin, MA, Olivera-Martinez, I, Nazaret, N, Ruggiu, M, Weibel, J, Durand, C, Guerquin, MJ, Bonod-Bidaud, C, Ruggiero, F, Schweitzer, R, and Duprez, D (2014).
Transcriptomic analysis of mouse limb tendon cells during development
Development, 141(19):3683-96.

Zwolanek, D, Veit, G, Eble, JA, Gullberg, D, Ruggiero, F, Heino, J, Meier, M, Stetefeld, J, and Koch, M (2014).
Collagen XXII binds to collagen-binding integrins via the novel motifs GLQGER and GFKGER
Biochem J, 459(1):217-27.

Bader, HL, Lambert, E, Guiraud, A, Malbouyres, M, Driever, W, Koch, M, and Ruggiero, F (2013).
Zebrafish collagen XIV is transiently expressed in epithelia and is required for proper function of certain basement membranes
J Biol Chem, 288(10):6777-87.

Blaising, J, Levy, PL, Gondeau, C, Phelip, C, Varbanov, M, Teissier, E, Ruggiero, F, Polyak, SJ, Oberlies, NH, Ivanovic, T, Boulant, S, and Pecheur, EI (2013).
Silibinin inhibits hepatitis C virus entry into hepatocytes by hindering clathrin-dependent trafficking
Cell Microbiol, 15(11):1866-82.

Charvet, B, Guiraud, A, Malbouyres, M, Zwolanek, D, Guillon, E, Bretaud, S, Monnot, C, Schulze, J, Bader, HL, Allard, B, Koch, M, and Ruggiero, F (2013).
Knockdown of col22a1 gene in zebrafish induces a muscular dystrophy by disruption of the myotendinous junction
Development, 140(22):4602-13.

Faurobert, E, Rome, C, Lisowska, J, Manet-Dupe, S, Boulday, G, Malbouyres, M, Balland, M, Bouin, AP, Keramidas, M, Bouvard, D, Coll, JL, Ruggiero, F, Tournier-Lasserve, E, and Albiges-Rizo, C (2013).
CCM1-ICAP-1 complex controls beta1 integrin-dependent endothelial contractility and fibronectin remodeling
J Cell Biol, 202(3):545-61.

Bijakowski, C, Vadon-Le Goff, S, Delolme, F, Bourhis, JM, Lecorche, P, Ruggiero, F, Becker-Pauly, C, Yiallouros, I, Stocker, W, Dive, V, Hulmes, DJ, and Moali, C (2012).
Sizzled is unique among secreted frizzled-related proteins for its ability to specifically inhibit bone morphogenetic protein-1 (BMP-1)/tolloid-like proteinases
J Biol Chem, 287(40):33581-93.

Bonod-Bidaud, C, Roulet, M, Hansen, U, Elsheikh, A, Malbouyres, M, Ricard-Blum, S, Faye, C, Vaganay, E, Rousselle, P, and Ruggiero, F (2012).
In vivo evidence for a bridging role of a collagen V subtype at the epidermis-dermis interface
J Invest Dermatol, 132(7):1841-9.

Charvet, B, Ruggiero, F, and Le Guellec, D (2012).
The development of the myotendinous junction. A review
Muscles Ligaments Tendons J, 2(2):53-63.

Bignon, M, Pichol-Thievend, C, Hardouin, J, Malbouyres, M, Brechot, N, Nasciutti, L, Barret, A, Teillon, J, Guillon, E, Etienne, E, Caron, M, Joubert-Caron, R, Monnot, C, Ruggiero, F, Muller, L, and Germain, S (2011).
Lysyl oxidase-like protein-2 regulates sprouting angiogenesis and type IV collagen assembly in the endothelial basement membrane
Blood, 118(14):3979-89.

Bretaud, S, Pagnon-Minot, A, Guillon, E, Ruggiero, F, and Le Guellec, D (2011).
Characterization of spatial and temporal expression pattern of Col15a1b during zebrafish development
Gene Expr Patterns, 11(1-2):129-34.

Charvet, B, Malbouyres, M, Pagnon-Minot, A, Ruggiero, F, and Le Guellec, D (2011).
Development of the zebrafish myoseptum with emphasis on the myotendinous junction
Cell Tissue Res, 346(3):439-49.

Lejard, V, Blais, F, Guerquin, MJ, Bonnet, A, Bonnin, MA, Havis, E, Malbouyres, M, Bidaud, CB, Maro, G, Gilardi-Hebenstreit, P, Rossert, J, Ruggiero, F, and Duprez, D (2011).
EGR1 and EGR2 involvement in vertebrate tendon differentiation
J Biol Chem, 286(7):5855-67.

Vadon-Le Goff, S, Kronenberg, D, Bourhis, JM, Bijakowski, C, Raynal, N, Ruggiero, F, Farndale, RW, Stocker, W, Hulmes, DJ, and Moali, C (2011).
Procollagen C-proteinase enhancer stimulates procollagen processing by binding to the C-propeptide region only
J Biol Chem, 286(45):38932-8.

Builles, N, Janin-Manificat, H, Malbouyres, M, Justin, V, Rovere, MR, Pellegrini, G, Torbet, J, Hulmes, DJ, Burillon, C, Damour, O, and Ruggiero, F (2010).
Use of magnetically oriented orthogonal collagen scaffolds for hemi-corneal reconstruction and regeneration
Biomaterials, 31(32):8313-22.

Roulet, M, Valkkila, M, Chanut-Delalande, H, Hamalainen, ER, Kessler, E, Ala-Kokko, L, Mannikko, M, Bonod-Bidaud, C, and Ruggiero, F (2010).
The collagen V homotrimer [alpha1(V)](3) production is unexpectedly favored over the heterotrimer [alpha1(V)](2)alpha2(V) in recombinant expression systems
J Biomed Biotechnol, 2010:376927.

Baas, D, Malbouyres, M, Haftek-Terreau, Z, Le Guellec, D, and Ruggiero, F (2009).
Craniofacial cartilage morphogenesis requires zebrafish col11a1 activity
Matrix Biol, 28(8):490-502.

Bader, HL, Keene, DR, Charvet, B, Veit, G, Driever, W, Koch, M, and Ruggiero, F (2009).
Zebrafish collagen XII is present in embryonic connective tissue sheaths (fascia) and basement membranes
Matrix Biol, 28(1):32-43.

Faye, C, Moreau, C, Chautard, E, Jetne, R, Fukai, N, Ruggiero, F, Humphries, MJ, Olsen, BR, and Ricard-Blum, S (2009).
Molecular interplay between endostatin, integrins, and heparan sulfate
J Biol Chem, 284(33):22029-40.

Tristan, A, Benito, Y, Montserret, R, Boisset, S, Dusserre, E, Penin, F, Ruggiero, F, Etienne, J, Lortat-Jacob, H, Lina, G, Bowden, MG, and Vandenesch, F (2009).
The signal peptide of Staphylococcus aureus panton valentine leukocidin LukS component mediates increased adhesion to heparan sulfates
PLoS One, 4(4):e5042.

Pagnon-Minot, A, Malbouyres, M, Haftek-Terreau, Z, Kim, HR, Sasaki, T, Thisse, C, Thisse, B, Ingham, PW, Ruggiero, F, and Le Guellec, D (2008).
Collagen XV, a novel factor in zebrafish notochord differentiation and muscle development
Dev Biol, 316(1):21-35.

Ruggiero, F and Koch, M (2008).
Making recombinant extracellular matrix proteins
Methods, 45(1):75-85.

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