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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 91 references in this bibliography folder.

Chanut-Delalande, H, Fichard, A, Bernocco, S, Garrone, R, Hulmes, DJ, and Ruggiero, F (2001).
Control of heterotypic fibril formation by collagen V is determined by chain stoichiometry
J Biol Chem, 276(26):24352-9.

Kessler, E, Fichard, A, Chanut-Delalande, H, Brusel, M, and Ruggiero, F (2001).
Bone morphogenetic protein-1 (BMP-1) mediates C-terminal processing of procollagen V homotrimer
J Biol Chem, 276(29):27051-7.

Perret, S, Merle, C, Bernocco, S, Berland, P, Garrone, R, Hulmes, DJ, Theisen, M, and Ruggiero, F (2001).
Unhydroxylated triple helical collagen I produced in transgenic plants provides new clues on the role of hydroxyproline in collagen folding and fibril formation
J Biol Chem, 276(47):43693-8.

Delacoux, F, Fichard, A, Cogne, S, Garrone, R, and Ruggiero, F (2000).
Unraveling the amino acid sequence crucial for heparin binding to collagen V
J Biol Chem, 275(38):29377-82.

Ruggiero, F, Exposito, JY, Bournat, P, Gruber, V, Perret, S, Comte, J, Olagnier, B, Garrone, R, and Theisen, M (2000).
Triple helix assembly and processing of human collagen produced in transgenic tobacco plants
FEBS Lett, 469(1):132-6.

Vogel, W, Brakebusch, C, Fassler, R, Alves, F, Ruggiero, F, and Pawson, T (2000).
Discoidin domain receptor 1 is activated independently of beta(1) integrin
J Biol Chem, 275(8):5779-84.

Delacoux, F, Fichard, A, Geourjon, C, Garrone, R, and Ruggiero, F (1998).
Molecular features of the collagen V heparin binding site
J Biol Chem, 273(24):15069-76.

Fichard, A, Tillet, E, Delacoux, F, Garrone, R, and Ruggiero, F (1997).
Human recombinant alpha1(V) collagen chain. Homotrimeric assembly and subsequent processing
J Biol Chem, 272(48):30083-7.

Rousselle, P, Keene, DR, Ruggiero, F, Champliaud, MF, Rest, M, and Burgeson, RE (1997).
Laminin 5 binds the NC-1 domain of type VII collagen
J Cell Biol, 138(3):719-28.

Ruggiero, F, Burillon, C, and Garrone, R (1996).
Human corneal fibrillogenesis. Collagen V structural analysis and fibrillar assembly by stromal fibroblasts in culture
Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 37(9):1749-60.

Ruggiero, F, Comte, J, Cabanas, C, and Garrone, R (1996).
Structural requirements for alpha 1 beta 1 and alpha 2 beta 1 integrin mediated cell adhesion to collagen V
J Cell Sci, 109 ( Pt 7):1865-74.

Fichard, A, Kleman, JP, and Ruggiero, F (1995).
Another look at collagen V and XI molecules
Matrix Biol, 14(7):515-31.

Mallein-Gerin, F, Ruggiero, F, Quinn, TM, Bard, F, Grodzinsky, AJ, Olsen, BR, and van der Rest, M (1995).
Analysis of collagen synthesis and assembly in culture by immortalized mouse chondrocytes in the presence or absence of alpha 1(IX) collagen chains
Exp Cell Res, 219(1):257-65.

Ruggiero, F, Champliaud, MF, Garrone, R, and Aumailley, M (1994).
Interactions between cells and collagen V molecules or single chains involve distinct mechanisms
Exp Cell Res, 210(2):215-23.

Ruggiero, F, Petit, B, Ronziere, MC, Farjanel, J, Hartmann, DJ, and Herbage, D (1993).
Composition and organization of the collagen network produced by fetal bovine chondrocytes cultured at high density
J Histochem Cytochem, 41(6):867-75.

Mallein-Gerin, F, Ruggiero, F, and Garrone, R (1990).
Proteoglycan core protein and type II collagen gene expressions are not correlated with cell shape changes during low density chondrocyte cultures
Differentiation, 43(3):204-11.

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