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Other publications than those in team pages (ie Jurdic, Laudet, Hänni, Bleicher) Put platform publications here too so that they feed IGFL year's publications?
Other publications than those in team pages (ie Jurdic, Laudet, Hänni, Bleicher) Put platform publications here too so that they feed IGFL year's publications?

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 72 references in this bibliography folder.

Carvalho, JE, Theodosiou, M, Chen, J, Chevret, P, Alvarez, S, De Lera, AR, Laudet, V, Croce, JC, and Schubert, M (2017).
Lineage-specific duplication of amphioxus retinoic acid degrading enzymes (CYP26) resulted in sub-functionalization of patterning and homeostatic roles
BMC Evol Biol, 17(1):24.

Holzer, G, Markov, GV, and Laudet, V (2017).
Evolution of Nuclear Receptors and Ligand Signaling: Toward a Soft Key-Lock Model?
Curr Top Dev Biol, 125:1-38.

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Evolution of ligands, receptors and metabolizing enzymes of thyroid signaling
Mol Cell Endocrinol.

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Origin of an ancient hormone/receptor couple revealed by resurrection of an ancestral estrogen
Sci Adv, 3(3):e1601778.

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Exostosin 1 is expressed in human odontoblasts
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Pernelle, K, Imbert, L, Bosser, C, Auregan, JC, Cruel, M, Ogier, A, Jurdic, P, and Hoc, T (2017).
Microscale mechanical and mineral heterogeneity of human cortical bone governs osteoclast activity
Bone, 94:42-49.

Shamalnasab, M, Dhaoui, M, Thondamal, M, Harvald, EB, Faergeman, NJ, Aguilaniu, H, and Fabrizio, P (2017).
HIF-1-dependent regulation of lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans by the acyl-CoA-binding protein MAA-1
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Evolutionary diversification of retinoic acid receptor ligand-binding pocket structure by molecular tinkering
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In Vivo Screening Using Transgenic Zebrafish Embryos Reveals New Effects of HDAC Inhibitors Trichostatin A and Valproic Acid on Organogenesis
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The mysterious relationship between reproduction and longevity
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A mollusk retinoic acid receptor (RAR) ortholog sheds light on the evolution of ligand binding
Endocrinology, 155(11):4275-86.

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