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Seminaire externe - H. Paidassi

Quand ? Le 06/12/2013,
de 11:00 à 11:00
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Vendredi 6 décembre, Helena Paidassi (CIRI, Lyon) présentera le séminaire suivant:


"Sensing you way out of trouble: what shapes dendritic cells into critical gatekeepers of immune homeostasis".


The immune system faces a complex challenge: to maintain effective immune surveillance and defense against pathogens, whilst preventing inappropriate or uncontrolled inflammatory responses to the multitude of innocuous self and exogenous antigens it is permanently exposed. It is well established that apoptotic cell recognition regulates dendritic cells (DCs) functions and thus participates in maintenance of immune tolerance and resolution of inflammation. In addition, we’ve shown that expression of αvβ8 integrin by intestinal DCs specializes them for regulation of immune responses at sites of tight immune regulation such as mucosal surfaces. Here we will discuss our recent results showing how cell lineage, recognition of dying cells and tissue micro-environment together license DCs to immunoregulatory gene expression programs, thus driving immune homeostasis.