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L C Bio is a virtual research federation

WHY and What for?

The IGFL, LBMC and RDP are three distinct Biology research institutes on the ENS de Lyon campus of similar size.

Each has its own recognised unique features:

The RDP's scientific programs cover all stages of reproductive development in plants and several teams have taken a systems biology approach involving biophysics, mathematics and computer science.

The LBMC aims to characterise the molecular bases underlying the organisation and functioning of cellular processes and develops quantitative analysis of biological systems, systems biology and modelling approaches.
The IGFL focusses on integrative, organism-level research is strengthened by their use of a diversity of model / non-model organisms including fossils.

In 2017, these three institutes are developing a project building on their complementary strengths and shared values.

Watch this space for more information. 

The draft charter (requires authentification)

Contact: Joanne Burden