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Why you should become a sponsor of the IGFL:

The IGFL aims to carry out excellent fundamental research with the overarching goal of understanding 'how animals work'.  

The institute's originality partly draws on bringing together, under one roof, leading scientists from different backgrounds providing a fertile environment to foster new collaborations and approaches that contribute to the ongoing technological and conceptual revolution.

The potential for translational applications of our research is reflected by the number of contracts and collaborations with private companies who are interesting in our findings. A number of patents and start-up biotechnology firms have been derived fro IGFL research. 

Encouraging interdisciplinary research is key to navigating the complex society we live in. As a strong component of the Université de Lyon the IGFL contributes to training the next generation of scientists who will comprise the workforce of both public research organisations and private enterprises.  

The IGFL is very grateful for SILAB's support (sponsor since 2013). For more information on becoming an IGFL sponsor please contact Joanne Burden.