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Grenier, T, Consuegra, J, Ferrarini, MG, Akherraz, H, Bai, L, Dusabyinema, Y, Rahioui, I, Da Silva, P, Gillet, B, Hughes, S, Ramos, CI, Matos, RC, and Leulier, F (2023).
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Elife, 12:e76584.

Nikolopoulos, N, Matos, R, Ravaud, S, Courtin, P, Akherraz, H, Palussiere, S, Gueguen-Chaignon, V, Salomon-Mallet, M, Guillot, A, Guerardel, Y, Chapot-Chartier, MP, Grangeasse, C, and Leulier, F (2023).
Structure-function analysis of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum DltE& reveals D-alanylated lipoteichoic acids as direct cues supporting Drosophila juvenile growth
Elife, 12:e84669.

Schwarzer, M, Gautam, UK, Makki, K, Lambert, A, Brabec, T, Joly, A, Šrůtková, D, Poinsot, P, Novotná, T, Geoffroy, S, Courtin, P, Hermanová, PP, Matos, RC, Landry, JJM, rard, C, Bulteau, AL, Hudcovic, T, Kozáková, H, Filipp, D, Chapot-Chartier, MP, inkora, M, Peretti, N, Boneca, IG, Chamaillard, M, Vidal, H, De Vadder, F, and Leulier, F (2023).
Microbe-mediated intestinal NOD2 stimulation improves linear growth of undernourished infant mice
Science, 379(6634):826–833.

Basic, M, Dardevet, D, Abuja, PM, Bolsega, S, Bornes, S, Caesar, R, Calabrese, FM, Collino, M, De Angelis, M, rard, P, Gueimonde, M, Leulier, F, Untersmayr, E, Van Rymenant, E, De Vos, P, and Savary-Auzeloux, I (2022).
Approaches to discern if microbiome associations reflect causation in metabolic and immune disorders
Gut Microbes, 14(1):2107386.

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DltC acts as an interaction hub for AcpS, DltA and DltB in the teichoic acid D-alanylation pathway of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum
Sci Rep, 12(1):13133.

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Probiotic from human breast milk, Lactobacillus fermentum, promotes growth in animal model of chronic malnutrition
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An intestinal zinc sensor regulates food intake and developmental growth
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Fitness Restoration of a Genetically Tractable Enterococcus faecalis V583 Derivative To Study Decoration-Related Phenotypes of the Enterococcal Polysaccharide Antigen
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Everyone wins.
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