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Microbe-mediated intestinal NOD2 stimulation improves linear growth of undernourished infant mice

Author(s) : Schwarzer M, Gautam U, Makki K, Lambert A, Brabec T, Joly A, Šrůtková D, Poinsot P, Novotná T, Geoffroy S, Courtin P, Hermanová P, Matos R, Landry J, rard C, Bulteau A, Hudcovic T, Kozáková H, Filipp D, Chapot-Chartier M, inkora M, Peretti N, Boneca I, Chamaillard M, Vidal H, De Vadder F, Leulier F,
Journal : Science

A live cell protein complementation assay for ORFeome-wide probing of human HOX interactomes

Author(s) : Jia Y, Reboulet J, Gillet B, Hugues S, Forcet C, Tribollet V, Hadj Sleiman N, Kundlacz C, Vanacker J, Bleicher F, Merabet S,
Journal : Cells

Cell differentiation and matrix organization are differentially affected during bone formation in osteogenesis imperfecta zebrafish models with different genetic defects impacting collagen type I structure

Author(s) : Daponte V, Tonelli F, Masiero C, Syx D, ritier C, Biggiogera M, Willaert A, Rossi A, Coucke P, Ruggiero F, Forlino A,
Journal : Matrix Biol

Papillary and reticular fibroblasts generate distinct microenvironments that differentially impact angiogenesis

Author(s) : Mauroux A, Joncour P, Brassard-Jollive N, Bacar H, Gillet B, Hughes S, Ardidie-Robouant C, Marchand L, Liabotis A, Mailly P, Monnot C, Germain S, Bordes S, Closs B, Ruggiero F, Muller L,
Journal : Acta Biomater

A mechano- and heat-gated two-pore domain K+ channel controls excitability in adult zebrafish skeletal muscle

Author(s) : Idoux R, ritier C, Sohm F, Jaque-Fernandez F, Vaganay E, Berthier C, Bretaud S, Jacquemond V, Ruggiero F, Allard B,
Journal : Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Identification of PCPE-2 as the endogenous specific inhibitor of human BMP-1/tolloid-like proteinases

Author(s) : Vadon-Le Goff S, Tessier A, Napoli M, Dieryckx C, Bauer J, Dussoyer M, Lagoutte P, Peyronnel C, Essayan L, Kleiser S, Tueni N, Bettler E, Mariano N, Errazuriz-Cerda E, Fruchart Gaillard C, Ruggiero F, Becker-Pauly C, Allain J, Bruckner-Tuderman L, m A, Moali C,
Journal : Nat Commun

Quantitative Image Analysis of Axonal Morphology in In Vivo Model

Author(s) : Nemoz-Billet L, Brocard J, Ruggiero F, Bretaud S,
Journal : Methods Protoc

Neuronal blockade of thyroid hormone signaling increases sensitivity to diet-induced obesity in adult male mice

Author(s) : Rial Pensado E, Canaple L, Guyot R, Clemmensen C, Wiersema J, Wu S, Richard S, Boelen A, D Müller T, López M, Flamant F, Gauthier K,
Journal : Endocrinology

A Micro-evolutionary Change in Target Binding Sites as a Key Determinant of Ultrabithorax Function in Drosophila

Author(s) : Khan S, Pradhan S, Giraud G, Bleicher F, Paul R, Merabet S, Shashidhara L,
Journal : J Mol Evol

A simple smiFISH pipeline to quantify mRNA at the single-cell level in 3D

Author(s) : Bouchet M, Urdy S, Guan W, Kabir C, Garvis S, Enriquez J,
Journal : STAR Protoc

NRF2 shortage in human skin fibroblasts dysregulates matrisome gene expression and affects collagen fibrillogenesis

Author(s) : Salamito M, Gillet B, Syx D, Vaganay E, Malbouyres M, Cerutti C, Tissot N, Exbrayat-Heritier C, Perez P, Jones C, Hughes S, Malfait F, Haydont V, Jäger S, Ruggiero F,
Journal : J Invest Dermatol

The role of Imp and Syp RBPs in precise neuronal elimination by apoptosis through the regulation of TFs

Author(s) : Guan W, Nie Z, Laurençon A, Bouchet M, Godin C, Kabir C, Darnas A, Enriquez J,
Journal : Elife - in press

Intestinal GCN2 controls Drosophila systemic growth in response to Lactiplantibacillus plantarum symbiotic cues encoded by r/tRNA operons

Author(s) : Grenier T, Consuegra J, Ferrarini M, Akherraz H, Bai L, Dusabyinema Y, Rahioui I, Da Silva P, Gillet B, Hughes S, Ramos C, Matos R, Leulier F,
Journal : Elife

Enhancer-promoter interactions form independently of genomic distance and are functional across TAD boundaries

Author(s) : Borges Pinto P, Grasso A, Balasubramanian D, Vincent S, Tarayre H, Lajoignie D, Ghavi-Helm Y,
Journal : NAR

ERRα: unraveling its role as a key player in cell migration

Author(s) : Vanacker J, Forcet C,
Journal : Oncogene, Online ahead of print

A shark-inspired general model of tooth morphogenesis unveils developmental asymmetries in phenotype transitions

Author(s) : Zimm R, Berio F, Debiais-Thibaud M, Goudemand N,
Journal : Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Structure-function analysis of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum DltE& reveals D-alanylated lipoteichoic acids as direct cues supporting Drosophila juvenile growth

Author(s) : Nikolopoulos N, Matos R, Ravaud S, Courtin P, Akherraz H, Palussiere S, Gueguen-Chaignon V, Salomon-Mallet M, Guillot A, Guerardel Y, Chapot-Chartier M, Grangeasse C, Leulier F,
Journal : Elife

The shift to 3D growth during embryogenesis of kelp species, atlas of cell division and differentiation of Saccharina latissima

Author(s) : Theodorou I, Charrier B,
Journal : Development