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Séminaire externe : Meryem Baghdadi

Quand ? Le 15/04/2024,
de 11:00 à 12:00
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Séminaire externe : Meryem Baghdadi (Institut Curie, Paris)

"Role of PIEZO mechano-sensing in intestinal stem cell fate decision”

Hôte : Frédéric Marmigère

Résumé :

Stem cells continuously perceive and respond to various environmental signals to maintain homeostasis. In addition to biochemical factors, the stem cell niche is subjected to mechanical and physical cues. However, it remains unclear how stem cells can sense mechanical signals from their niche in vivo. Since intestinal stem cells constantly and directly face the external environment, we investigated the roles of mechano-sensing PIEZO ion channels in the gut stem cell niche. By employing mouse genetics and performing single-cell RNAseq analysis, we revealed the absolute requirement for PIEZO channels in intestinal stem cell (ISC) state dynamics and maintenance. Using 3D and 2D organoid systems combined with bioengineered substrates and a cell stretching device, we found that PIEZO channels are activated by high extracellular matrix stiffness and tissue tension to modulate ISC behavior. This study delineates the mechanistic cascade of PIEZO channel activation in ISCs from the upstream extracellular stimuli through the downstream signaling activation that coordinates stem cell fate decision and maintenance.

Lundi 15 avril

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