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Cell-Autonomous and Non-Cell-Autonomous Mechanisms Concomitantly Regulate the Early Developmental Pattern in the Kelp Saccharina latissima Embryo

Author(s) : Boscq S, Billoud B, Charrier B,
Journal : Plants

Visualization of the Association of Dimeric Protein Complexes on Specific Enhancers in the Salivary Gland Nuclei of Drosophila Larva

Author(s) : Vanderperre S, Merabet S,
Journal : Cells

Dual topologies of myotomal collagen XV and Tenascin C act in concert to guide and shape developing motor axons

Author(s) : Nemoz-Billet L, Balland M, Gilquin L, Gillet B, vant I, Guillon E, Hughes S, Carpentier G, Vaganay E, Sohm F, Misiak V, Gonzalez-Melo M, Koch M, Ghavi-Helm Y, Bretaud S, Ruggiero F,
Journal : Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Touch receptor end-organ innervation and function require sensory neuron expression of the transcription factor Meis2

Author(s) : Desiderio S, Schwaller F, Tartour K, Padmanabhan K, Lewin G, Carroll P, Marmigere F,
Journal : Elife

Hox dosage and morphological diversification during development and evolution

Author(s) : Merabet S, Carnesecchi J,
Journal : Semin Cell Dev Biol