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Séminaire externe : Anabela Bensimon Brito

Quand ? Le 16/01/2023,
de 11:00 à 12:00
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Séminaire externe : Anabela Bensimon Brito (Marseille Medical Genetics)

"Deciphering the cell-specific contribution to cardiovascular regeneration and disease"

Résumé :

The heart and connected vessels are crucial to maintain the continuous supply of blood flow to all tissues.  Therefore, cardiovascular tissues require a tight control to ensure homeostasis and avoid disease.  
Zebrafish have an outstanding capacity to regenerate multiple tissues and organs and allow direct observation of biological processes due to their transparency in early-life stages.  We take advantage of these characteristics and establish the cardiac valve as a model to decipher how and which cells contribute to regeneration and disease within the heart. 
We show that both in cardiac valve development and regeneration the endothelium is the main source contributing to new fibroblast-like valve cells. We demonstrate that upon injury, activation of TGFß signaling promotes the recruitment of endothelial cells and regulates their endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition to form new valve cells, crucial for the proper function of the valve and stable hemodynamics.  However, it remains unknown whether this endothelium derives from remote areas or if the local endocardium can function as an important progenitor niche for the cells regulating new valve formation. By answering this question, we are further elucidating the central role of the endothelium in guiding tissue development and regeneration.
Moreover, we are now combining live-imaging approaches and single-cell RNA sequencing analysis in our models to elucidate the cell heterogeneity in cardiovascular regeneration and disease and identify key regulators of these processes.  We aim to characterize the cross talk between the cardiovascular cells and the immune system and determine how the path to a stable or diseased cardiovascular tissue is defined.

Hôte : Kiran Padmanabhan

Lundi 16 janvier

Amphi K, Monod