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External seminar: Hadi Boukhatmi

When Dec 11, 2023
from 11:00 to 12:00
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External seminar: Hadi Boukhatmi

"Decoding the Crosstalk between Epithelial Cells and Mesenchymal Cells in Tumorigenesis: Insights from a Drosophila Cancer Model"

Host: Jonathan Enriquez


Cells in developing organisms are in continuous communication with their neighbors, with the signals sent and received being crucial for proper organ development. The careful regulation of these signals is essential for controlling growth, coordination, and homeostasis of complex tissues, such as muscles. Aberrant regulation or inappropriate deployment of these signals has been implicated in various diseases, including cancers. While extensive studies have focused on identifying the mutations that initiate cancer, understanding how coopted mesenchymal cells sustain tumor growth remains a challenging question. We addressed this question using a Drosophila cancer model that involves crosstalk between genetically modified epithelial cells and normal muscle progenitors (myoblasts). Our findings reveal that the high activity of the Notch signaling pathway in unmodified myoblasts is driven by ligands produced by the cancerous epithelial cells. This high Notch signaling, deployed at long range, integrates the two tissue types to promote tumorigenesis. Furthermore, we identified that a secreted protein called SPARC acts as a feedback signal from myoblasts. We provided insights into how SPARC mediates the interplay between cancerous epithelial cells and myoblasts, shedding light on the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved. In this seminar, we will discuss our recent findings, emphasizing the role of Notch and SPARC in this intricate interaction.

Monday, December 11st

Salle des thèses