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News and job offers

20 February 2024

Job offer: A 3-year post-doc in cell and developmental biology (mainly live-imaging) to join the team on 1 June 2024. For more details on the job profile, click below:


20 January 2024

Outreach: "From the ocean to the lab". In partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation, our team shared its brown algae models and current research to the general public.

15 November 2023

We make the cover page of Development ! Showing the transition from which two different organs differentiate: the flat lamella at the top, the cylindrical stipe at the bottom. The epidermal layer is responsible for the overall production of this tissue ("outside-in" differentiation).


9-17 November 2023

Workshop about the photoablation of the brown alga Sphacelaria at MiFoBio at the Presqu'île de Giens, South of France. On the microscope Dragonfly 600 from Andor.

Chloroplasts (in green) are expelled from the cell targeted by the UV laser (4th cell from the tip)

27 October 2023

New publication in Development: The shift to 3D growth during embryogenesis of kelp species, atlas of cell division and differentiation of Saccharina latissima

13 September 2023

Position of "Engineer assistant" open for 12 months: Apply here  

12 September 2023

Team Morphogenesis of brown algae will recruit 2 more post-doc fellows in Winter and Spring 2024. 

Stay tuned!


1 September 2023

Bringing brown algae at IGFL!