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Postdoctoral position - Merabet team



A postdoctoral position is opened in the laboratory of Dr. Samir Merabet, at ENS- Lyon, France. The lab is part of the IGFL Institute ( merabet-ontogenesis-and-molecular-interactions), providing a highly rich and international scientific environment.

Our team is interested in deciphering protein-protein interaction networks (interactomes) established by major regulators in different cell contexts. Our projects are based on imaging techniques to capture and analyze protein-protein interactions in live condition and at different resolution scales. We have characterized interactomes in live Drosophila embryos (Baeza et al., eLife 2015; Bischof et al., eLife 2018), studied interaction properties in human live cells (Dard et al., Cell Rep. 2018; Dard et al., Sci Rep. 2019) and deposited a patent for using the human orfeome in fluorescent-based protein interaction screens.

The postdoctoral project will aim at dissecting the interaction network of the MAP kinase ERK protein and understand how the ERK interactome could be modified by a novel inhibitory molecule with a therapeutic potential. The work will be performed in collaboration with the group of Toufic Renno (CRCL;, who has identified a new class of molecules targeting ERK activity in cancer.

Applicants must have completed a PhD thesis, preferentially in the cancer field using cell culture model systems and NGS. They should be highly motivated, with good interpersonal and communication skills. Fluency in English is mandatory but ability to speak French is not required. Projects are funded by a grant from INCa for 2 years. Salary will depend on previous experience.

Dead line for applications: 1st December.

Starting date: January 2021.

Applications should contain a CV, a letter of motivation with a description of research accomplishments (2 pages max) and the contact information of two references to