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Image B. Charrier
Photo identity B. Charrier
Image M. Zilliox
Photo Identity M. Zilliox
Image D source code B. Billoud
Photo identity B. Billoud
Image C source code European Commission
Logo EU
Image ERC
Logo ERC
Image Viscuous material
Image object code Lego
Image Troff document Ropes of sailing boat
Image Ropes of sailing boat-2
Filin + voile
Image Plastic material
Image Elastic material
Image object code Viscous & Co
Viscous elastic plastic
Image Logo ENS Lyon
Logo ENS Lyon
Image Logo X (twitter)
Logo X
Image Ectocarpus
Image Octet Stream Saccharina
Image ECMAScript program Diversity of brown algae morphologies
Diversity of brown algae morphologies
Image Fucus serratus
Fucus serratus
Image Vidéo simulation-1
Simulation modelling-1
Image Troff document Tanguy Dufourt
Image Tanguy Dufourt
Tanguy Dufourt
Image object code Alexis Martel photo
Image Cover page Development November 2023
Cover page Journal Development Nov2023
Image Octet Stream Photo-ablated Sphacelaria
Laser ablated Sphacelaria
Image Troff document Logo COST
Image Logo EU
Image D source code Logo SFBD
Image Pascal source code Logo RAP
Image Logo CNRS
Image C header Logo Phycomorph
Image Logo ENSL
Image Pascal source code Marie au 2P
Image Octet Stream Martine et Saccharina
Image text/texmacs Tanguy avec enfants
Image C source code Alexis écran microsc
Image audio/x-realaudio Montage MBA@Tara
Image Montage MBA@Tara_bis
Image Troff document Post-doc announcement ERC2_screenshot
Image Fucus eggs
Fucus eggs
Image Sphacelaria-Calco-1
By Alexis Martel
Image Photo team for The Node