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Deciphering the roles of environment and development in the evolution of a Late Triassic assemblage of conodont elements

Author(s) : Guenser P, Souquet L, Dolédec S, Mazza M, Rigo M, Goudemand N,
Journal : Paleobiology

A GABAergic Maf-expressing interneuron subset regulates the speed of locomotion in Drosophila

Author(s) : Babski H, Jovanic T, Surel C, Yoshikawa S, Zwart M, Valmier J, Thomas J, Enriquez J, Carroll P, Garcès A,
Journal : Nature Communications

Sex and the TEs: transposable elements in sexual development and function in animals

Author(s) : Dechaud C, Volff J, Schartl M, Naville M,
Journal : Mobile DNA

Fitness Restoration of a Genetically Tractable Enterococcus faecalis V583 Derivative To Study Decoration-Related Phenotypes of the Enterococcal Polysaccharide Antigen

Author(s) : Furlan S, Matos R, Kennedy S, Doublet B, Serror P, Rigottier-Gois L,
Journal : mSphere

Cooption of the pteridine biosynthesis pathway underlies the diversification of embryonic colors in water striders

Author(s) : Vargas-Lowman A, Armisen D, Floriano C, da Rocha Silva Cordeiro I, Viala S, Bouchet M, Bernard M, Le Bouquin A, Santos M, Berlioz-Barbier A, Salvador A, Figueiredo Moreira F, Bonneton F, Khila A,
Journal : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

3D genome organisation in Drosophila

Author(s) : Moretti C, Stevant I, Ghavi-Helm Y,
Journal : Briefings in Functional Genomics

The multifaceted role of nerves in animal regeneration

Author(s) : Sinigaglia C, Averof M,
Journal : Current Opinion in Genetics & Development

Clonal analysis by tunable CRISPR-mediated excision.

Author(s) : Gilles A, Schinko J, Schacht M, Enjolras C, Averof M,
Journal : Development

Cooperation of axial and sex specific information controls Drosophila female genitalia growth by regulating the Decapentaplegic pathway

Author(s) : Romero-Pozuelo J, Foronda D, Martin P, Hudry B, Merabet S, Graba Y, Sanchez-Herrero E,
Journal : Dev Biol

Developmental and comparative transcriptomic identification of iridophore contribution to white barring in clownfish

Author(s) : Salis P, Lorin T, Lewis V, Rey C, Marcionetti A, Escande M, Roux N, Besseau L, Salamin N, Semon M, Parichy D, Volff J, Laudet V,
Journal : Pigment Cell Melanoma Res

Molecular evolutionary trends and feeding ecology diversification in the Hemiptera, anchored by the milkweed bug genome

Author(s) : Panfilio K, Vargas Jentzsch I, Benoit J, Erezyilmaz D, Suzuki Y, Colella S, M. Robertson H, Poelchau M, Waterhouse R, Ioannidis P, Weirauch M, S. T. Hughes D, C. Murali S, H. Werren J, Jacobs C, J. Duncan E, Armisén D, M. I. Vreede B, Baa-Puyoulet P, Richards S,
Journal : Genome Biology

The human HOXA9 protein uses paralog-specific residues of the homeodomain to interact with TALE-class cofactors

Author(s) : Dard A, Jia Y, Reboulet J, Bleicher F, Lavau C, Merabet S,
Journal : Scientific Reports

Massive Changes of Genome Size Driven by Expansions of Non-autonomous Transposable Elements

Author(s) : Naville M, Henriet S, Warren I, Sumic S, Reeve M, Volff J, Chourrout D,
Journal : Current Biology

Functional consequences of chromosomal rearrangements on gene expression: not so deleterious after all?

Author(s) : Ghavi-Helm Y,
Journal : Journal of Molecular Biology

The mlpt/Ubr3/Svb module comprises an ancient developmental switch for embryonic patterning

Author(s) : Ray S, Rosenberg M, Chanut-Delalande H, Decaras A, Schwertner B, Toubiana W, Auman T, Schnellhammer I, Teuscher M, Valenti P, Khila A, Klingler M, Payre F,
Journal : Elife

Highly rearranged chromosomes reveal uncoupling between genome topology and gene expression

Author(s) : Ghavi-Helm Y, Jankowski A, Meiers S, Viales R, Korbel J, Furlong E,
Journal : Nature Genetics