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A role for suppressed incisor cuspal morphogenesis in the evolution of mammalian heterodont dentition

Author(s) : Ohazama A, Blackburn J, Porntaveetus T, Ota M, Choi H, Johnson E, Myers P, Oommen S, Eto K, Kessler J, Kondo T, Fraser G, Streelman J, Pardinas U, Tucker A, Ortiz P, Charles C, Viriot L, Herz J, Sharpe P,
Journal : Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Prenatal development of Crocodylus niloticus niloticus Laurenti, 1768

Author(s) : Peterka M, Sire J, Hovorakova M, Prochazka J, Fougeirol L, Peterkova R, Viriot L,
Journal : J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol

Type 3 deiodinase deficiency causes spatial and temporal alterations in brain T3 signaling that are dissociated from serum thyroid hormone levels

Author(s) : Hernandez A, Quignodon L, Martinez M, Flamant F, St Germain D,
Journal : Endocrinology

Use of a new model of transgenic mice to clarify the respective functions of thyroid hormone receptors in vivo

Author(s) : Flamant F, Quignodon L,
Journal : Heart Fail Rev

Otx2 gene deletion in adult mouse retina induces rapid RPE dystrophy and slow photoreceptor degeneration

Author(s) : Beby F, Housset M, Fossat N, Le Greneur C, Flamant F, Godement P, Lamonerie T,
Journal : PLoS One

From carrot to clinic: an overview of the retinoic acid signaling pathway

Author(s) : Theodosiou M, Laudet V, Schubert M,
Journal : Cell Mol Life Sci

Adaptive diversity: hormones and metabolism in freshwaters

Author(s) : Laudet V,
Journal : Curr Biol

Toll-like receptor 2 activation by lipoteichoic acid induces differential production of pro-inflammatory cytokines in human odontoblasts, dental pulp fibroblasts and immature dendritic cells

Author(s) : Keller J, Carrouel F, Colomb E, Durand S, Baudouin C, Msika P, Bleicher F, Vincent C, Staquet M, Farges J,
Journal : Immunobiology

Formation of oral and pharyngeal dentition in teleosts depends on differential recruitment of retinoic acid signaling

Author(s) : Gibert Y, Bernard L, Debiais-Thibaud M, Bourrat F, Joly J, Pottin K, Meyer A, Retaux S, Stock D, Jackman W, Seritrakul P, Begemann G, Laudet V,
Journal : FASEB J

Genome-wide expression analyses establish dendritic cells as a new osteoclast precursor able to generate bone-resorbing cells more efficiently than monocytes

Author(s) : Gallois A, Lachuer J, Yvert G, Wierinckx A, Brunet F, Rabourdin-Combe C, Delprat C, Jurdic P, Mazzorana M,
Journal : J Bone Miner Res

Involvement of the orphan nuclear estrogen receptor-related receptor alpha in osteoclast adhesion and transmigration

Author(s) : Bonnelye E, Saltel F, Chabadel A, Zirngibl R, Aubin J, Jurdic P,
Journal : J Mol Endocrinol

Evolutionary trends of the pharyngeal dentition in Cypriniformes (Actinopterygii: Ostariophysi)

Author(s) : Pasco-Viel E, Charles C, Chevret P, Semon M, Tafforeau P, Viriot L, Laudet V,
Journal : PLoS One