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A standardized gnotobiotic mouse model harboring a minimal 15-member mouse gut microbiota recapitulates SOPF/SPF phenotypes

Author(s) : Darnaud M, De Vadder F, Bogeat P, Boucinha L, Bulteau A, Bunescu A, Couturier C, Delgado A, Dugua H, Elie C, Mathieu A, Novotná T, Ouattara D, Planel S, Saliou A, Šrůtková D, Yansouni J, Stecher B, Schwarzer M, Leulier F, Tamellini A,
Journal : Nat Commun

Central vs. Peripheral Action of Thyroid Hormone in Adaptive Thermogenesis: A Burning Topic

Author(s) : Zekri Y, Flamant F, Gauthier K,
Journal : Cells

Basement Membrane Dynamics controls cell intercalation in Drosophila ovaries

Author(s) : Van De Bor V, Loreau V, Malbouyres M, Cerezo D, Placenti A, Ruggiero F, Noselli S,
Journal : Development

Design of PEGylated Three Ligands Silica Nanoparticles for Multi-Receptor Targeting

Author(s) : Maurel M, Montheil T, Martin J, Chaar L, Guzman-Gonzalez V, Couvet M, Jacquet T, Jia T, Eymin B, Parra K, Dumy P, Martinez J, Ruggiero F, Vaganay E, Mehdi A, Coll J, Subra G,
Journal : Nanomaterials (Basel)

Microbial and nutritional influence on endocrine control of growth

Author(s) : De Vadder F, Joly A, Leulier F,
Journal : J Mol Endocrinol

Giant Lungfish genome elucidates the conquest of land by vertebrates

Author(s) : Meyer A, Schloissnig S, Franchini P, Du K, Woltering J, Irisarri I, Wong W, Nowoshilow S, Kneitz S, Kawaguchi A, Fabrizius A, Xiong P, Dechaud C, Spaink H, Volff J, Simakov O, Burmester T, Tanaka E, Schartl M,
Journal : Nature

Transposable element-derived sequences in vertebrate development

Author(s) : Etchegaray E, Naville M, Volff J, Haftek-Terreau Z,
Journal : Mob DNA

In-Depth Annotation of the Drosophila Bithorax-Complex Reveals the Presence of Several Alternative ORFs That Could Encode for Motif-Rich Peptides

Author(s) : Naville M, Merabet S,
Journal : Cells

The Hox transcription factor Ultrabithorax binds RNA and regulates co-transcriptional splicing through an interplay with RNA polymerase II

Author(s) : Carnesecchi J, Boumpas P, van Nierop Y Sanchez P, Domsch K, Pinto H, Borges Pinto P, Lohmann I,
Journal : Nucleic Acids Res

Developmental Robustness: The Haltere Case in Drosophila

Author(s) : Giraud G, Paul R, Duffraisse M, Khan S, Shashidhara L, Merabet S,
Journal : Front Cell Dev Biol

Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation (BiFC) and Multiplexed Imaging of Protein-Protein Interactions in Human Living Cells

Author(s) : Jia Y, Bleicher F, Reboulet J, Merabet S,
Journal : Methods Mol Biol

Description of a new species and new records of Gerromorpha (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Panama and Colombia

Author(s) : Rodrigues J, Crumière A, Mondragón-F S, Morales I, Khila A, Moreira F,
Journal : Zootaxa

Impact of male trait exaggeration on sex-biased gene expression and genome architecture in a water strider

Author(s) : Toubiana W, Armisén D, Dechaud C, Arbore R, Khila A,
Journal : BMC Biol

The growth factor BMP11 is required for the development and evolution of a male exaggerated weapon and its associated fighting behavior in a water strider

Author(s) : Toubiana W, Armisén D, Viala S, Decaras A, Khila A,
Journal : PLoS Biol

Hox dosage contributes to flight appendage morphology in Drosophila

Author(s) : Paul R, Giraud G, Domsch K, Duffraisse M, Marmigère F, Khan S, Vanderperre S, Lohmann I, Stoks R, Shashidhara L, Merabet S,
Journal : Nat Commun

Assessment of pesticides capacity to act as agonists/antagonists of the thyroid hormone nuclear receptors

Author(s) : Zekri Y, Agnol L, Flamant F, Guyot R,
Journal : iScience

Coupling between Sequence-Mediated Nucleosome Organization and Genome Evolution

Author(s) : Barbier J, Vaillant C, Volff J, Brunet F, Audit B,
Journal : Genes (Basel)

Clustering of Sex-Biased Genes and Transposable Elements in the Genome of the Medaka Fish Oryzias latipes

Author(s) : Dechaud C, Miyake S, Martinez-Bengochea A, Schartl M, Volff J, Naville M,
Journal : Genome Biol Evol

Differential expression of transposable elements in the medaka melanoma model

Author(s) : Helmprobst F, Kneitz S, Klotz B, Naville M, Dechaud C, Volff J, Schartl M,
Journal : PLoS One

LACC1 deficiency links juvenile arthritis with autophagy and metabolism in macrophages

Author(s) : Omarjee O, Mathieu A, Quiniou G, Moreews M, Ainouze M, Frachette C, Melki I, Dumaine C, Gerfaud-Valentin M, Duquesne A, Kallinich T, Tahir Turanli E, Malcus C, Viel S, Pescarmona R, Georgin-Lavialle S, Jamilloux Y, Larbre J, Sarrabay G, Magnotti F, Rice G, Bleicher F, Reboulet J, Merabet S, Henry T, Crow Y, Faure M, Walzer T, Belot A,
Journal : J Exp Med