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Thyroid Hormone Receptor Alpha Deletion in ApoE-/- Mice Alters the Arterial Renin-Angiotensin System and Vascular Smooth Muscular Cell Cholesterol Metabolism

Author(s) : Neggazi S, Canaple L, Hamlat N, Gauthier K, Samarut J, Bricca G, Aouichat-Bouguerra S, Beylot M,
Journal : J Vasc Res

Gene profile of zebrafish fin regeneration offers clues to kinetics, organization and biomechanics of basement membrane.

Author(s) : Nauroy P, Guiraud A, Chlasta J, Malbouyres M, Gillet B, Hughes S, Lambert E, Ruggiero F,
Journal : Matrix Biol

The importance of being persistent: The first true resident gut symbiont in Drosophila

Author(s) : Ma D, Leulier F,
Journal : PLoS Biol

Bacterial Adaptation to the Host's Diet Is a Key Evolutionary Force Shaping Drosophila-Lactobacillus Symbiosis

Author(s) : Martino M, Joncour P, Leenay R, Gervais H, Shah M, Hughes S, Gillet B, Beisel C, Leulier F,
Journal : Cell Host & Microbe

Generation of a versatile BiFC ORFeome library for analyzing protein-protein interactions in live Drosophila

Author(s) : Bischof J, Duffraisse M, Furger E, Ajuria L, Giraud G, Vanderperre S, Paul R, Björklund M, Ahr D, Ahmed A, Spinelli L, Brun C, Basler K, Merabet S,
Journal : eLife

Gut Microbiota and Host Juvenile Growth.

Author(s) : Schwarzer M, Strigini M, Leulier F,
Journal : Calcif Tissue Int

Drosophila Perpetuates Nutritional Mutualism by Promoting the Fitness of Its Intestinal Symbiont Lactobacillus plantarum.

Author(s) : Storelli G, Strigini M, Grenier T, Bozonnet L, Schwarzer M, Daniel C, Matos R, Leulier F,
Journal : Cell Metab

Fishing for collagen function: About development, regeneration and disease

Author(s) : Bretaud S, Nauroy P, Malbouyres M, Ruggiero F,
Journal : Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology

Electroporation of mice zygotes with dual guide RNA/Cas9 complexes for simple and efficient cloning-free genome editing.

Author(s) : Teixeira M, Py B, Bosc C, Laubreton D, Moutin M, Marvel J, Flamant F, Markossian S,
Journal : Sci Rep

Human HOX Proteins Use Diverse and Context-Dependent Motifs to Interact with TALE Class Cofactors

Author(s) : Dard A, Reboulet J, Jia Y, Bleicher F, Duffraisse M, Vanaker J, Forcet C, Merabet S,
Journal : Cell Rep

Clonal analysis by tunable CRISPR-mediated excision

Author(s) : Gilles A, Schinko J, Schacht M, Enjolras C, Averof M,
Journal : bioRxiv

Is it possible to reconstruct an accurate cell lineage using CRISPR recorders?

Author(s) : Salvador-Martínez I, Grillo M, Averof M, Telford M,
Journal : bioRxiv

Identification, expression, and endocrine-disruption of three ecdysone-responsive genes in the sentinel species Gammarus fossarum.

Author(s) : Gouveia D, Bonneton F, Almunia C, Armengaud J, Queau H, Degli-Esposti D, Geffard O, Chaumot A,
Journal : Sci Rep

The emerging connections between IGF1, the intestinal microbiome, Lactobacillus strains and bone growth

Author(s) : Poinsot P, Schwarzer M, Peretti N, Leulier F,
Journal : Journal of Molecular Endocrinology

A new species of Rhagovelia Mayr, 1865 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Veliidae) from French Guiana, with new records of Gerromorpha from the country

Author(s) : Da Motta F, Moreira F, CrumiÈRe A, Santos M, Khila A,
Journal : Zootaxa

Regulation of T3 Availability in the Developing Brain: The Mouse Genetics Contribution

Author(s) : Richard S, Flamant F,
Journal : Frontiers in Endocrinology

CRISPR/Cas9 Editing of the Mouse Thra Gene Produces Models with Variable Resistance to Thyroid Hormone

Author(s) : Markossian S,
Journal : Thyroid

Two Protocols to Study the Interactions of Thyroid Hormone Receptors with Other Proteins and Chromatin

Author(s) : Guan W, Guyot R, Flamant F,

An Early Triassic gladius associated with soft tissue remains from Idaho, USA—a squid-like coleoid cephalopod at the onset of Mesozoic Era

Author(s) : Doguzhaeva L, Brayard A, Goudemand N, Krumenacker L, Jenk J, Bylund K, Fara E, Olivier N, Escarguel G, Vennin E,
Journal : Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Late Smithian microbial deposits and their lateral marine fossiliferous limestones (Early Triassic, Hurricane Cliffs, Utah, USA)

Author(s) : Olivier N, Fara E, Vennin E, Bylund K, Jenks J, Escarguel G, Stephen D, Goudemand N, Snyder D, Thomazo C, Brayard A,
Journal : Facies

New data from Oman indicate benthic high biomass productivity coupled with low taxonomic diversity in the aftermath of the Permian–Triassic Boundary mass extinction

Author(s) : Brosse M, Bucher H, Baud A, Frisk �, Goudemand N, Hagdorn H, Nützel A, Ware D, Hautmann M,
Journal : Lethaia

Differing Strategies Despite Shared Lineages of Motor Neurons and Glia to Achieve Robust Development of an Adult Neuropil in Drosophila

Author(s) : Enriquez J, Rio L, Blazeski R, Bellemin S, Godement P, Mason C, Mann R,
Journal : Neuron

Development of a PCR-RFLP assay to identify Drosophila melanogaster among field-collected larvae

Author(s) : Raquin V, Henri H, Vallat M, Leulier F, Gibert P, Kremer N,
Journal : Ecology and Evolution

Bony pseudoteeth of extinct pelagic birds (Aves, Odontopterygiformes) formed through a response of bone cells to tooth-specific epithelial signals under unique conditions

Author(s) : Louchart A, Buffrenil V, Bourdon E, Dumont M, Viriot L, Sire J,
Journal : Sci Rep