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ERRα coordinates actin and focal adhesion dynamics

Author(s) : Tribollet V, Cerutti C, Géloën A, Berger E, De Mets R, Balland M, Courchet J, Vanacker J, Forcet C,
Journal : Cancer Gene Ther

Computational identification of new potential transcriptional partners of ERRα in breast cancer cells: specific partners for specific targets

Author(s) : Cerutti C, Zhang L, Tribollet V, Shi J, Brillet R, Gillet B, Hughes S, Forcet C, Shi T, Vanacker J,
Journal : Sci Rep

CNN-based cell analysis: from image to quantitative representation

Author(s) : Allier C, Hervé L, Paviolo C, Mandula O, Cioni O, Pierré W, Andriani F, Padmanabhan K, Morales S,
Journal : Frontiers in Physics, Optics and Photonics

The Clock Takes Shape—24 h Dynamics in Genome Topology

Author(s) : Tartour K, Padmanabhan K,
Journal : Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

Leg length and bristle density, both necessary for water surface locomotion, are genetically correlated in water striders

Author(s) : Finet C, Decaras A, Rutkowska M, Roux P, Collaudin S, Joncour P, Viala S, Khila A,
Journal : Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Prenatal exposure to paraquat and nanoscaled TiO2 aerosols alters the gene expression of the developing brain

Author(s) : Hamdaoui Q, Zekri Y, Richard S, Aubert D, Guyot R, Markossian S, Gauthier K, Gaie-Levrel F, Bencsik A, Flamant F,
Journal : Chemosphere

Tracking cell lineages in 3D by incremental deep learning

Author(s) : Sugawara K, Çevrim C, Averof M,
Journal : Elife

The crustacean model Parhyale hawaiensis

Author(s) : Paris M, Wolff K, Patel N, Averof M,
Journal : Current Topics in Developmental Biology - In Press

Oppositional poly(A) tail length regulation by FMRP and CPEB1

Author(s) : Shin J, Paek K, Chikhaoui L, Jung S, Ponny S, Suzuki Y, Padmanabhan K, Richter J,
Journal : RNA