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Developmental genomics and evolution


Video: presentation of research topics developed by the team of Abderrahman Khila (in french) 

Research Opportunities:


We are currently focusing on three main research directions:

1- phenotypic variation in exaggerated sexually selected traits (See Toubiana and Khila Proc. B. 2019; Toubiana et al. BioRxiv 2020a; Toubiana et al. BioRxiv 2020b).

2- Antagonistic co-evolution of the sexes in water striders (See Khila et al. Science 2012; Crumiere and Khila Biol. Letters 2019; Front. Ecol. Evol. 2019)

2- Origin of evolutionary novelties: the case of the propelling fan in the Rhagovelia water striders (See Santo et al. Science 2017).



 contact me if interested to join us at: