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Regulation of the expression of the estrogen related receptors (ERRs)

L. Crevet and J. M Vanacker (2020)

Cell Mol Life Science.

Estrogen related receptors (ERRα, β and γ in mammals) are orphan members of the nuclear receptor superfamily acting as transcription factors. ERRs are expressed in several tissues and cells and they display various physiological and pathological functions, controlling, amongst others and depending on the receptor, bone homeostasis, energy metabolism, embryonic stem cell pluripotency, and cancer progression. In contrast to classical nuclear receptors, the activities of the ERRs are not controlled by a natural ligand. Regulation of their activities thus rely on other means such as post-translational modification or availability of transcriptional co-regulators. In addition, regulation of their mere expression under given physiological or pathological conditions is a particularly important level of control. Here we discuss the mechanisms involved in the regulation of ERRs expression and the reported means to impact on it using pharmacological approaches.
pharmacology, Nuclear receptor, ERR, Regulation of expression

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