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Current projects

Angiogenesis and cancer

Neovasculature development is a crucial step in solid tumor growth and targeting tumor angiogenesis is a way to fight cancer. Several collagen-derived anti-angiogenic factors (CDAF) that are released upon matrix breakdown have been characterized with proven benefits in cancer cure.

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Muscle-tendon development

Interactions between cells and the matrix components are critical for proper tissue formation and homeostasis.

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Several collagens have been implicated in the pathology of the Alzheimer’s Disease. Among them is the atypical transmembrane collagen XXV which is exclusively expressed by neurons in the brain where collagens are minority.

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Skin (dermis), cell-matrix interactions in development, ageing and physiopathology of classical Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Collagen V is a minor component of skin that plays a crucial role in the control of collagen I fibrils nucleation and growth.

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Tissue regeneration

Zebrafish, as other organisms such as salamander and crustacean, present a high capacity to regenerate different parts of their body including the heart, nervous tissue and fin.

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