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Short Bio Team Leader

Group Leader: Comparative developmental biology and regeneration


PhD, University of Cambridge, UK 1994

Post-doc, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Group leader at IMBB Crete, Greece

Group leader at IGFL, Lyon, France since 2012

Main achievements

Established genetic tools for comparative developmental studies in crustaceans and insects.

Probed the origins of patterning, segmentation and regenerative mechanisms during animal evolution.

Identified changes in gene function underpinning the evolution of arthropod body plans.

Selected recent publications

  • Gilles, Schinko and Averof (2015) Efficient CRISPR-mediated gene targeting and transgene replacement in the beetle Tribolium castaneum. Development 142: 2832-2839
  • Konstantinides and Averof (2014) A common cellular basis for muscle regeneration in arthropods and vertebrates. Science 343: 788-791
  • Rödel, Gilles and Averof (2013) MicroRNAs act as cofactors in Bicoid-mediated translational repression. Current Biology 23: 1579-1584
  • Sarrazin, Peel and Averof (2012) A segmentation clock with two-segment periodicity in insects. Science 336: 338-341
  • Pavlopoulos et al. (2009) Probing the evolution of appendage specialization by Hox gene mis-expression in an emerging model crustacean. PNAS 106: 13897-13902