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Main publications (by team)

H. AGUILANIU - Aging, reproduction and metabolism

  • Aguilaniu, H. 2015. The Mysterious Relationship Between Reproduction and Longevity. Worm. In Press.
  • Thondamal, M., M. Witting, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, and H. Aguilaniu. 2014. Steroid hormone signalling links reproduction to lifespan in dietary-restricted Caenorhabditis elegans. Nat Commun 5:4879.
  • Fehrmann, S., C. Paoletti, Y. Goulev, A. Ungureanu, H. Aguilaniu, and G. Charvin. 2013. Aging yeast cells undergo a sharp entry into senescence unrelated to the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential. Cell Rep 5:1589-1599.
  • Hansen, M., T. Flatt, and H. Aguilaniu. 2013. Reproduction, fat metabolism, and life span: what is the connection? Cell Metab 17:10-19.
  • Goudeau, J., S. Bellemin, E. Toselli-Mollereau, M. Shamalnasab, Y. Chen, and H. Aguilaniu. 2011. Fatty acid desaturation links germ cell loss to longevity through NHR-80/HNF4 in C. elegans. PLoS Biol 9:e1000599.
  • Goudeau, J., and H. Aguilaniu. 2010. Carbonylated proteins are eliminated during reproduction in C. elegans. Aging Cell 9:991-1003.

M. AVEROF - Comparative developmental biology and regeneration.

  • Konstantinides, N., and M. Averof. 2014. A Common Cellular Basis for Muscle Regeneration in Arthropods and Vertebrates. Science 343(6172):788-91.
  • Rodel, C. J., A. F. Gilles, and M. Averof. 2013. MicroRNAs act as cofactors in bicoid-mediated translational repression. Curr Biol 23:1579-1584.
  • Sarrazin, A. F., A. D. Peel, and M. Averof. 2012. A segmentation clock with two-segment periodicity in insects. Science 336:338-341.
  • Kontarakis, Z., A. Pavlopoulos, A. Kiupakis, N. Konstantinides, V. Douris, and M. Averof. 2011. A versatile strategy for gene trapping and trap conversion in emerging model organisms. Development 138:2625-2630.
  • Douris, V., M. J. Telford, and M. Averof. 2010. Evidence for multiple independent origins of trans-splicing in Metazoa. Mol Biol Evol 27:684-693.
  • Pavlopoulos, A., Z. Kontarakis, D. M. Liubicich, J. M. Serano, M. Akam, N. H. Patel, and M. Averof. 2009. Probing the evolution of appendage specialization by Hox gene misexpression in an emerging model crustacean. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:13897-13902.


F. FLAMANT - Neurodevelopment.

  • Fauquier, T., F. Chatonnet, F. Picou, S. Richard, N. Fossat, N. Aguilera, T. Lamonerie, and F. Flamant. 2014. Purkinje cells and Bergmann glia are primary targets of the TRalpha1 thyroid hormone receptor during mouse cerebellum postnatal development. Development 141:166-175.
  • Chatonnet, F., R. Guyot, G. Benoit, and F. Flamant. 2013. Genome-wide analysis of thyroid hormone receptors shared and specific functions in neural cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110:E766-775.
  • Picou, F., T. Fauquier, F. Chatonnet, and F. Flamant. 2012. A bimodal influence of thyroid hormone on cerebellum oligodendrocyte differentiation. Mol Endocrinol 26:608-618.
  • Avci, H. X., C. Lebrun, R. Wehrle, M. Doulazmi, F. Chatonnet, M. P. Morel, M. Ema, G. Vodjdani, C. Sotelo, F. Flamant, and I. Dusart. 2012. Thyroid hormone triggers the developmental loss of axonal regenerative capacity via thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 and kruppel-like factor 9 in Purkinje cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109:14206-14211.
  • Fauquier, T., E. Romero, F. Picou, F. Chatonnet, X. N. Nguyen, L. Quignodon, and F. Flamant. 2011. Severe impairment of cerebellum development in mice expressing a dominant-negative mutation inactivating thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 isoform. Dev Biol 356:350-358.
  • Quignodon, L., S. Vincent, H. Winter, J. Samarut, and F. Flamant. 2007. A point mutation in the activation function 2 domain of thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 expressed after CRE-mediated recombination partially recapitulates hypothyroidism. Mol Endocrinol 21:2350-2360.


A. KHILA - Developmental genomics and evolution.

  • Rajakumar, R., D. San Mauro, M. B. Dijkstra, M. H. Huang, D. E. Wheeler, F. Hiou-Tim, A. Khila, M. Cournoyea, and E. Abouheif. 2012. Ancestral developmental potential facilitates parallel evolution in ants. Science 335:79-82.
  • Khila, A., E. Abouheif, and L. Rowe. 2012. Function, developmental genetics, and fitness consequences of a sexually antagonistic trait. Science 336:585-589.
  • Smith, C. D., A. Zimin, C. Holt, E. Abouheif, R. Benton, E. Cash, V. Croset, C. R. Currie, E. Elhaik, C. G. Elsik, M. J. Fave, V. Fernandes, J. Gadau, J. D. Gibson, D. Graur, K. J. Grubbs, D. E. Hagen, M. Helmkampf, J. A. Holley, H. Hu, A. S. Viniegra, B. R. Johnson, R. M. Johnson, A. Khila, J. W. Kim, J. Laird, K. A. Mathis, J. A. Moeller, M. C. Munoz-Torres, M. C. Murphy, R. Nakamura, S. Nigam, R. P. Overson, J. E. Placek, R. Rajakumar, J. T. Reese, H. M. Robertson, C. R. Smith, A. V. Suarez, G. Suen, E. L. Suhr, S. Tao, C. W. Torres, E. van Wilgenburg, L. Viljakainen, K. K. Walden, A. L. Wild, M. Yandell, J. A. Yorke, and N. D. Tsutsui. 2011. Draft genome of the globally widespread and invasive Argentine ant (Linepithema humile). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Apr 5;108(14):5673-8.
  • Lynch, J. A., O. Ozuak, A. Khila, E. Abouheif, C. Desplan, and S. Roth. 2011. The Phylogenetic Origin of oskar Coincided with the Origin of Maternally Provisioned Germ Plasm and Pole Cells at the Base of the Holometabola. PLoS Genet 7:e1002029.
  • Khila, A., E. Abouheif, and L. Rowe. 2009. Evolution of a novel appendage ground plan in water striders is driven by changes in the Hox gene Ultrabithorax. PLoS Genet 5:e1000583.
  • Khila, A., and E. Abouheif. 2008. Reproductive constraint is a developmental mechanism that maintains social harmony in advanced ant societies. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105:17884-17889.


V. LAUDET - Molecular zoology.

  • Gutierrez-Mazariegos, J., E. Kumar Nadendla, D. Lima, K. Pierzchalski, J. W. Jones, M. Kane, J. I. Nishikawa, Y. Hiromori, T. Nakanishi, M. M. Santos, L. F. Castro, W. Bourguet, M. Schubert, and V. Laudet. 2014. A mollusk Retinoic Acid Receptor (RAR) ortholog sheds light on the evolution of ligand binding. Endocrinology. In press
  • Tohme, M., S. M. Prud'homme, A. Boulahtouf, E. Samarut, F. Brunet, L. Bernard, W. Bourguet, Y. Gibert, P. Balaguer, and V. Laudet. 2014. Estrogen-related receptor gamma is an in vivo receptor of bisphenol A. FASEB J 28(7):3124-33.
  • Samarut, E., C. Gaudin, S. Hughes, B. Gillet, S. de Bernard, P. E. Jouve, L. Buffat, A. Allot, O. Lecompte, L. Berekelya, C. Rochette-Egly, and V. Laudet. 2014. Retinoic Acid receptor subtype-specific transcriptotypes in the early zebrafish embryo. Mol Endocrinol 28:260-272.
  • Nishio, S., Y. Gibert, L. Berekelya, L. Bernard, F. Brunet, E. Guillot, J. C. Le Bail, J. A. Sanchez, A. M. Galzin, G. Triqueneaux, and V. Laudet. 2012. Fasting induces CART down-regulation in the zebrafish nervous system in a cannabinoid receptor 1-dependent manner. Mol Endocrinol 26:1316-1326.
  • Samarut, E., I. Amal, G. V. Markov, R. Stote, A. Dejaegere, V. Laudet, and C. Rochette-Egly. 2011. Evolution of Nuclear Retinoic Acid Receptor Alpha (RAR{alpha}) Phosphorylation Sites. Serine Gain Provides Fine-Tuned Regulation. Mol Biol Evol 28:2125-2137.
  • Gibert, Y., L. Bernard, M. Debiais-Thibaud, F. Bourrat, J. S. Joly, K. Pottin, A. Meyer, S. Retaux, D. W. Stock, W. R. Jackman, P. Seritrakul, G. Begemann, and V. Laudet. 2010. Formation of oral and pharyngeal dentition in teleosts depends on differential recruitment of retinoic acid signaling. FASEB J 24:3298-3309.


F. LEULIER - Functional genomics of host/intestinal bacteria interactions.

  • Erkosar B, G. Storelli, M. Mitchell, L. Bozonnet, N.  Bozonnet and F. Leulier. 2015. Pathogen Virulence Impedes Mutualist-Mediated Enhancement of Host Juvenile Growth via Inhibition of Protein Digestion. Cell Host Microbe. In press.
  • Erkosar, B., G. Storelli, A. Defaye, and F. Leulier. 2013. Host-intestinal microbiota mutualism: "learning on the fly". Cell Host Microbe 13:8-14.
  • Storelli, G., A. Defaye, B. Erkosar, P. Hols, J. Royet, and F. Leulier. 2011. Lactobacillus plantarum promotes Drosophila systemic growth by modulating hormonal signals through TOR-dependent nutrient sensing. Cell Metab 14:403-414.
  • Lhocine, N., P. S. Ribeiro, N. Buchon, A. Wepf, R. Wilson, T. Tenev, B. Lemaitre, M. Gstaiger, P. Meier, and F. Leulier. 2008. PIMS modulates immune tolerance by negatively regulating Drosophila innate immune signaling. Cell Host Microbe 4:147-158.
  • Leulier, F., C. Parquet, S. Pili-Floury, J. H. Ryu, M. Caroff, W. J. Lee, D. Mengin-Lecreulx, and B. Lemaitre. 2003. The Drosophila immune system detects bacteria through specific peptidoglycan recognition. Nat Immunol 4:478-484.
  • Leulier, F., S. Vidal, K. Saigo, R. Ueda, and B. Lemaitre. 2002. Inducible expression of double-stranded RNA reveals a role for dFADD in the regulation of the antibacterial response in Drosophila adults. Curr Biol 12:996-1000.


S. MERABET - Ontogenesis and molecular interactions.

  • Baeza, M., S. Viala, M. Heim, A. Dard, B. Hudry, M. Duffraisse, A. Rogulja-Ortmann, C. Brun, and S. Merabet. 2015. Inhibitory activities of short linear motifs underlie Hox interactome specificity in vivo. eLife 4.
  • Hudry, B., M. Thomas-Chollier, Y. Volovik, M. Duffraisse, A. Dard, F. Dale, U. Technau, and S. Merabet. 2014. Molecular insights into the origin of the Hox-TALE patterning System. eLife 3:e01939.
  • Hudry, B., S. Remacle, M. C. Delfini, R. Rezsohazy, Y. Graba, and S. Merabet. 2012. Hox proteins display a common and ancestral ability to diversify their interaction mode with the PBC class cofactors. PLoS Biol 10:e1001351.
  • Merabet, S., I. Litim-Mecheri, D. Karlsson, R. Dixit, M. Saadaoui, B. Monier, C. Brun, S. Thor, K. Vijayraghavan, L. Perrin, J. Pradel, and Y. Graba. 2011. Insights into Hox protein function from a large scale combinatorial analysis of protein domains. PLoS Genet 7:e1002302.
  • Hudry, B., S. Viala, Y. Graba, and S. Merabet. 2011. Visualization of protein interactions in living Drosophila embryos by the bimolecular fluorescence complementation assay. BMC Biol 9:5.
  • Merabet, S., M. Saadaoui, N. Sambrani, B. Hudry, J. Pradel, M. Affolter, and Y. Graba. 2007. A unique Extradenticle recruitment mode in the Drosophila Hox protein Ultrabithorax. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104:16946-16951.


F. RUGGIERO - Matrix biology and pathology

  • Charvet, B., A. Guiraud, M. Malbouyres, D. Zwolanek, E. Guillon, S. Bretaud, C. Monnot, J. Schulze, H. L. Bader, B. Allard, M. Koch, and F. Ruggiero. 2013. Knockdown of col22a1 gene in zebrafish induces a muscular dystrophy by disruption of the myotendinous junction. Development 140(22):4602-13.
  • Faurobert, E., C. Rome, J. Lisowska, S. Manet-Dupe, G. Boulday, M. Malbouyres, M. Balland, A. P. Bouin, M. Keramidas, D. Bouvard, J. L. Coll, F. Ruggiero, E. Tournier-Lasserve, and C. Albiges-Rizo. 2013. CCM1-ICAP-1 complex controls beta1 integrin-dependent endothelial contractility and fibronectin remodeling. J Cell Biol 202:545-561.
  • Bader, H. L., E. Lambert, A. Guiraud, M. Malbouyres, W. Driever, M. Koch, and F. Ruggiero. 2013. Zebrafish collagen XIV is transiently expressed in epithelia and is required for proper function of certain basement membranes. J Biol Chem 288:6777-6787.
  • Bonod-Bidaud, C., M. Roulet, U. Hansen, A. Elsheikh, M. Malbouyres, S. Ricard-Blum, C. Faye, E. Vaganay, P. Rousselle, and F. Ruggiero. 2012. In vivo evidence for a bridging role of a collagen V subtype at the epidermis-dermis interface. J Invest Dermatol 132:1841-1849.
  • Builles, N., H. Janin-Manificat, M. Malbouyres, V. Justin, M. R. Rovere, G. Pellegrini, J. Torbet, D. J. Hulmes, C. Burillon, O. Damour, and F. Ruggiero. 2010. Use of magnetically oriented orthogonal collagen scaffolds for hemi-corneal reconstruction and regeneration. Biomaterials 31:8313-8322.
  • Pagnon-Minot, A., M. Malbouyres, Z. Haftek-Terreau, H. R. Kim, T. Sasaki, C. Thisse, B. Thisse, P. W. Ingham, F. Ruggiero, and D. Le Guellec. 2008. Collagen XV, a novel factor in zebrafish notochord differentiation and muscle development. Dev Biol 316:21-35.


J. SAMARUT - Functional genomics of nuclear receptors

  • Kroiss, A., S. Vincent, M. Decaussin-Petrucci, E. Meugnier, J. Viallet, A. Ruffion, F. Chalmel, J. Samarut, and N. Allioli. 2014. Androgen-regulated microRNA-135a decreases prostate cancer cell migration and invasion through downregulating ROCK1 and ROCK2. Oncogene. In press.
  • Billon, C., L. Canaple, S. Fleury, A. Deloire, M. Beylot, D. Dombrowicz, P. Del Carmine, J. Samarut, and K. Gauthier. 2014. TRalpha Protects Against Atherosclerosis in Male Mice: Identification of a Novel Anti-Inflammatory Property for TRalpha in Mice. Endocrinology 155:2735-2745.
  • Altintas, D. M., M. S. Shukla, D. Goutte-Gattat, D. Angelov, J. P. Rouault, S. Dimitrov, and J. Samarut. 2012. Direct Cooperation Between Androgen Receptor and E2F1 Reveals a Common Regulation Mechanism for Androgen-Responsive Genes in Prostate Cells. Mol Endocrinol 26:1531-1541.
  • Kress, E., S. Skah, M. Sirakov, J. Nadjar, N. Gadot, J. Y. Scoazec, J. Samarut, and M. Plateroti. 2010. Cooperation between the thyroid hormone receptor TRalpha1 and the WNT pathway in the induction of intestinal tumorigenesis. Gastroenterology 138:1863-1874.
  • Gauthier, K., C. Billon, M. Bissler, M. Beylot, J. M. Lobaccaro, J. M. Vanacker, and J. Samarut. 2010. Thyroid hormone receptor beta (TRbeta) and liver X receptor (LXR) regulate carbohydrate-response element-binding protein (ChREBP) expression in a tissue-selective manner. J Biol Chem 285:28156-28163.
  • Plateroti, M., E. Kress, J. I. Mori, and J. Samarut. 2006. Thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 directly controls transcription of the beta-catenin gene in intestinal epithelial cells. Mol Cell Biol 26:3204-3214.


J.-M. VANACKER - Physiopathology of orphan nuclear receptors

  • Sailland, J., V. Tribollet, C. Forcet, C. Billon, B. Barenton, J. Carnesecchi, A. Bachmann, K. C. Gauthier, S. Yu, V. Giguere, F. L. Chan, and J. M. Vanacker. 2014. Estrogen-related receptor alpha decreases RHOA stability to induce orientated cell migration. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. In press.
  • Zou, C., S. Yu, Z. Xu, D. Wu, C. F. Ng, X. Yao, D. T. Yew, J. M. Vanacker, and F. L. Chan. 2014. ERRalpha augments HIF-1 signalling by directly interacting with HIF-1alpha in normoxic and hypoxic prostate cancer cells. J Pathol 233(1):61-73.
  • Gallet, M., and J. M. Vanacker. 2010. ERR receptors as potential targets in osteoporosis. Trends Endocrinol Metab 21:637-641.
  • Teyssier, C., M. Gallet, B. Rabier, L. Monfoulet, J. Dine, C. Macari, J. Espallergues, B. Horard, V. Giguere, M. Cohen-Solal, O. Chassande, and J. M. Vanacker. 2009. Absence of ERRalpha in female mice confers resistance to bone loss induced by age or estrogen-deficiency. PLoS One 4:e7942.
  • Bianco, S., O. Lanvin, V. Tribollet, C. Macari, S. North, and J. M. Vanacker. 2009. Modulating estrogen receptor-related receptor-alpha activity inhibits cell proliferation. J Biol Chem 284:23286-23292.
  • Vanacker, J. M., K. Pettersson, J. A. Gustafsson, and V. Laudet. 1999. Transcriptional targets shared by estrogen receptor- related receptors (ERRs) and estrogen receptor (ER) alpha, but not by ERbeta. EMBO J 18:4270-4279.


L. VIRIOT - Evo-devo of vertebrate dentition

  • Rodrigues, H. G., S. Renaud, C. Charles, Y. Le Poul, F. Sole, J. P. Aguilar, J. Michaux, P. Tafforeau, D. Headon, J. Jernvall, and L. Viriot. 2013. Roles of dental development and adaptation in rodent evolution. Nat Commun 4:2504.
  • Charles, C., F. Sole, H. G. Rodrigues, and L. Viriot. 2013. Under pressure? Dental adaptations to termitophagy and vermivory among mammals. Evolution 67:1792-1804.
  • Charles, C., M. Hovorakova, Y. Ahn, D. B. Lyons, P. Marangoni, S. Churava, B. Biehs, A. Jheon, H. Lesot, G. Balooch, R. Krumlauf, L. Viriot, R. Peterkova, and O. D. Klein. 2011. Regulation of tooth number by fine-tuning levels of receptor-tyrosine kinase signaling. Development 138:4063-4073.
  • Rodrigues, H. G., P. Marangoni, R. Sumbera, P. Tafforeau, W. Wendelen, and L. Viriot. 2011. Continuous dental replacement in a hyper-chisel tooth digging rodent. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108:17355-17359.
  • Louchart, A., and L. Viriot. 2011. From snout to beak: the loss of teeth in birds. Trends Ecol Evol 26:663-673.
  • Charles, C., V. Lazzari, P. Tafforeau, T. Schimmang, M. Tekin, O. Klein, and L. Viriot. 2009. Modulation of Fgf3 dosage in mouse and men mirrors evolution of mammalian dentition. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:22364-22368.


J.-N. VOLFF - Fish evolutionary genomics

  • Berthelot, C., F. Brunet, D. Chalopin, et al. 2014. The rainbow trout genome provides novel insights into evolution after whole-genome duplication in vertebrates. Nat Commun 5:3657.
  • Volff, J. N., Y. Selz, C. Hoffmann, A. Froschauer, C. Schultheis, C. Schmidt, Q. Zhou, W. Bernhardt, R. Hanel, A. Bohne, F. Brunet, B. Segurens, A. Couloux, S. Bernard-Samain, V. Barbe, C. Ozouf-Costaz, D. Galiana, M. J. Lohse, and M. Schartl. 2013. Gene Amplification and Gene Amplification and Functional Diversification of Melanocortin 4 Receptor at an Extremely Polymorphic Locus Controlling Sexual Maturation in the Platyfish. Genetics 195(4):1337-52.
  • Amemiya, C. T., J. Alfoldi, A. P. Lee, et al. 2013. The African coelacanth genome provides insights into tetrapod evolution. Nature 496:311-316.
  • Schartl, M., R. B. Walter, Y. Shen, et al. 2013. The genome of the platyfish, Xiphophorus maculatus, provides insights into evolutionary adaptation and several complex traits. Nat Genet 45:567-572.
  • Bohne, A., Q. Zhou, A. Darras, C. Schmidt, M. Schartl, D. Galiana-Arnoux, and J. N. Volff. 2012. Zisupton--a novel superfamily of DNA transposable elements recently active in fish. Mol Biol Evol 29:631-645.
  • Denoeud, F., S. Henriet, S. Mungpakdee, et al. 2010. Plasticity of animal genome architecture unmasked by rapid evolution of a pelagic tunicate. Science 330:1381-1385.
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