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Séminaire externe - D-E. Nilsson

Quand ? Le 21/10/2013,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? Salle des thèses
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Le prochain séminaire externe de l'IGFL sera présenté en Salle des thèses (ENS, site Monod) par:


Dan-Eric NILSSON, de l'Université de Lund (Suède).

Il s'intitule:


"Animal vision - from jellyfish to man"

Like no other sensory organs, eyes can provide instantaneous and detailed information about the environment, both close up and far away. The enormous competitive value of a good pair of eyes has led to the evolution of many different optical designs, from camera-type eyes, to compound eyes, and eyes that use mirrors. The best performing eyes are found in vertebrates, arthropods and mollusks but nearly all animal groups have eyes of some description. Even some jellyfish, having neither a head nor a brain, still have eyes for guiding essential behaviours. The lecture will make a tour through the astonishing diversity of animal eyes, comparing their visual performance and explaining how new types of visually guided behaviour evolved along with key innovations in eye design