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Séminaire externe : Martin Kapun

Quand ? Le 09/10/2023,
de 11:00 à 12:00
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Séminaire externe : Martin Kapun 

"Living in a changing world – The genomics of adaptation to environmental variation and experimental selection for larval malnutrition"

Résumé :

I will present genome-wide analyses of clinal genomic variation in the fruit-fly D. melanogaster densely sampled through time and space on different continents where we tested for associations between genetic and environmental variation. These analyses reveal complex demographic patterns and pronounced clinal genetic variation along different geographical and environmental transects, which are predominantly shaped by chromosomal inversions. Besides, we found evidence for strong clinal selection on genes involved in metabolic processes. In the second part of my talk I will therefore present the results of a long-term selection experiment, where flies were selected for larval malnutrition. We found evidence that candidate genes are associated with metabolic pathways and that most SNP that are putative targets of selection represent standing genetic variation commonly found in natural populations.

Hôte : Abderrahman Khila

Lundi 9 octobre

Salle des thèses