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Séminaire externe : Olivier Hamant

Quand ? Le 17/04/2023,
de 11:00 à 12:00
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Séminaire externe : Olivier Hamant (RDP, ENS de Lyon)

"Suboptimality, a third way of life in the Anthropocene?"


The marks of humanity are omnipresent on Earth: the Anthropocene is above all the age of performance and control. In turn, the multiple impacts on our environment question the values of this "progress" and its trajectory. Thus, what to do? Many sustainable development solutions seem counterproductive. The perspective of a general slowdown does not mobilize either. By studying living systems, we could learn a different way to be Earthlings. While modern human societies have focused on efficiency and efficacy for individual comfort, life is instead built on heterogeneity, slowness, fluctuations, incoherence... for the resilience of the group in a fluctuating environment. This "third way of life" already has its pioneers in society: participative housing, agro-ecology, repair workshops, citizen science,... It may open another path to build the age of robustness and cooperation, against the dogma of performance. Needless to say, this also completely changes how research is done, organized and evaluated.

Hôte : François Leulier

Lundi 17 avril

Salle Buisson à l'IFE (Descartes)