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Séminaire externe : Steve Simpson

Quand ? Le 22/05/2023,
de 11:00 à 12:00
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Séminaire externe : Steve Simpson (Charles Perkins Centre, The University of Sydney, Australia)

"The protein paradox – resolving the roles of dietary protein in obesity, ageing and age-related disease"


Reducing protein intake (and that of key amino acids) extends lifespan, especially during mid-life and early late-life. Yet, due to a powerful protein appetite, reducing protein in the diet leads to increased food intake, promoting obesity – which shortens lifespan. That is the protein paradox. In the talk I will first explore both sides of the paradox, introducing nutrient-specific appetites, protein leverage, FGF-21, and macronutrient interactions on metabolism and ageing. I will then attempt to resolve the paradox by considering age-specific effects and the quality of dietary protein and carbohydrate. I will conclude by showing how these pieces fit together and play out in the modern industrialised food environment to result in the global pandemic of unhealthy ageing.

Hôte : Filipe De Vadder

Lundi 22 mai

Salle Buisson (ENS, site Descartes)