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Current Perspectives on Tooth Implantation, Attachment, and Replacement in Amniota

Author(s) : Bertin T, Thivichon-Prince B, LeBlanc A, Caldwell M, Viriot L,
Journal : Frontiers in Physiology

Thyroid Hormone Receptor Alpha Deletion in ApoE-/- Mice Alters the Arterial Renin-Angiotensin System and Vascular Smooth Muscular Cell Cholesterol Metabolism

Author(s) : Neggazi S, Canaple L, Hamlat N, Gauthier K, Samarut J, Bricca G, Aouichat-Bouguerra S, Beylot M,
Journal : J Vasc Res

Interruption points in the wing gene regulatory network underlying wing polyphenism evolved independently in male and female morphs in Cardiocondyla ants

Author(s) : Oettler J, Platschek T, Schmidt C, Rajakumar R, Fave M, Khila A, Heinze J, Abouheif E,
Journal : J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol

The genome of the water strider Gerris buenoi reveals expansions of gene repertoires associated with adaptations to life on the water

Author(s) : Armisen D, Rajakumar R, Friedrich M, Benoit J, Robertson H, Panfilio K, Ahn S, Poelchau M, Chao H, Dinh H, Doddapaneni H, Dugan S, Gibbs R, Hughes D, Han Y, Lee S, Murali S, Muzny D, Qu J, Worley K, Munoz-Torres M, Abouheif E, Bonneton F, Chen T, Chiang L, Childers C, Cridge A, Crumiere A, Decaras A, Didion E, Duncan E, Elpidina E, Fave M, Finet C, Jacobs C, Cheatle Jarvela A, Jennings E, Jones J, Lesoway M, Lovegrove M, Martynov A, Oppert B, Lillico-Ouachour A, Rajakumar A, Refki P, Rosendale A, Santos M, Toubiana W, van der Zee M, Vargas Jentzsch I, Lowman A, Viala S, Richards S, Khila A,
Journal : BMC Genomics

Gene profile of zebrafish fin regeneration offers clues to kinetics, organization and biomechanics of basement membrane.

Author(s) : Nauroy P, Guiraud A, Chlasta J, Malbouyres M, Gillet B, Hughes S, Lambert E, Ruggiero F,
Journal : Matrix Biol

The importance of being persistent: The first true resident gut symbiont in Drosophila

Author(s) : Ma D, Leulier F,
Journal : PLoS Biol

Bacterial Adaptation to the Host's Diet Is a Key Evolutionary Force Shaping Drosophila-Lactobacillus Symbiosis

Author(s) : Martino M, Joncour P, Leenay R, Gervais H, Shah M, Hughes S, Gillet B, Beisel C, Leulier F,
Journal : Cell Host & Microbe

A systematic survey of HOX and TALE expression profiling in human cancers.

Author(s) : Jia Y, Bleicher F, Merabet S,
Journal : Int J Dev Biol

Generation of a versatile BiFC ORFeome library for analyzing protein-protein interactions in live Drosophila

Author(s) : Bischof J, Duffraisse M, Furger E, Ajuria L, Giraud G, Vanderperre S, Paul R, Björklund M, Ahr D, Ahmed A, Spinelli L, Brun C, Basler K, Merabet S,
Journal : eLife

Gut Microbiota and Host Juvenile Growth.

Author(s) : Schwarzer M, Strigini M, Leulier F,
Journal : Calcif Tissue Int

Drosophila Perpetuates Nutritional Mutualism by Promoting the Fitness of Its Intestinal Symbiont Lactobacillus plantarum.

Author(s) : Storelli G, Strigini M, Grenier T, Bozonnet L, Schwarzer M, Daniel C, Matos R, Leulier F,
Journal : Cell Metab

Protocols for Studying How Thyroid Hormone Receptors Trigger Adaptive Thermogenesis in Mice.

Author(s) : Gauthier K,
Journal : Methods Mol Biol

Thyroid hormone receptor and ERRalpha coordinately regulate mitochondrial fission, mitophagy, biogenesis, and function.

Author(s) : Singh B, Sinha R, Tripathi M, Mendoza A, Ohba K, Sy J, Xie S, Zhou J, Ho J, Chang C, Wu Y, Giguere V, Bay B, Vanacker J, Ghosh S, Gauthier K, Hollenberg A, McDonnell D, Yen P,
Journal : Sci Signal

Thyroid hormone in the regulation of hepatocellular carcinoma and its microenvironment.

Author(s) : Manka P, Coombes J, Boosman R, Gauthier K, Papa S, Syn W,
Journal : Cancer Lett

Visualize Drosophila Leg Motor Neuron Axons Through the Adult Cuticle

Author(s) : Au Guan W, Au Venkatasubramanian L, Au Baek M, Au Mann R, Au Enriquez J,
Journal : JoVE

Fishing for collagen function: About development, regeneration and disease

Author(s) : Bretaud S, Nauroy P, Malbouyres M, Ruggiero F,
Journal : Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology

The achaete-scute complex contains a single gene that controls bristle development in the semi-aquatic bugs

Author(s) : Finet C, Decaras A, Armisen D, Khila A,
Journal : Proc Biol Sci

Everyone wins.

Author(s) : Matos R, Leulier F,
Journal : Elife

Electroporation of mice zygotes with dual guide RNA/Cas9 complexes for simple and efficient cloning-free genome editing.

Author(s) : Teixeira M, Py B, Bosc C, Laubreton D, Moutin M, Marvel J, Flamant F, Markossian S,
Journal : Sci Rep

Human HOX Proteins Use Diverse and Context-Dependent Motifs to Interact with TALE Class Cofactors

Author(s) : Dard A, Reboulet J, Jia Y, Bleicher F, Duffraisse M, Vanaker J, Forcet C, Merabet S,
Journal : Cell Rep

Identification, expression, and endocrine-disruption of three ecdysone-responsive genes in the sentinel species Gammarus fossarum.

Author(s) : Gouveia D, Bonneton F, Almunia C, Armengaud J, Queau H, Degli-Esposti D, Geffard O, Chaumot A,
Journal : Sci Rep

The emerging connections between IGF1, the intestinal microbiome, Lactobacillus strains and bone growth

Author(s) : Poinsot P, Schwarzer M, Peretti N, Leulier F,
Journal : Journal of Molecular Endocrinology

A new species of Rhagovelia Mayr, 1865 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Veliidae) from French Guiana, with new records of Gerromorpha from the country

Author(s) : Da Motta F, Moreira F, CrumiÈRe A, Santos M, Khila A,
Journal : Zootaxa

Regulation of T3 Availability in the Developing Brain: The Mouse Genetics Contribution

Author(s) : Richard S, Flamant F,
Journal : Frontiers in Endocrinology

CRISPR/Cas9 Editing of the Mouse Thra Gene Produces Models with Variable Resistance to Thyroid Hormone

Author(s) : Markossian S,
Journal : Thyroid

Two Protocols to Study the Interactions of Thyroid Hormone Receptors with Other Proteins and Chromatin

Author(s) : Guan W, Guyot R, Flamant F,

An Early Triassic gladius associated with soft tissue remains from Idaho, USA—a squid-like coleoid cephalopod at the onset of Mesozoic Era

Author(s) : Doguzhaeva L, Brayard A, Goudemand N, Krumenacker L, Jenk J, Bylund K, Fara E, Olivier N, Escarguel G, Vennin E,
Journal : Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Late Smithian microbial deposits and their lateral marine fossiliferous limestones (Early Triassic, Hurricane Cliffs, Utah, USA)

Author(s) : Olivier N, Fara E, Vennin E, Bylund K, Jenks J, Escarguel G, Stephen D, Goudemand N, Snyder D, Thomazo C, Brayard A,
Journal : Facies

New data from Oman indicate benthic high biomass productivity coupled with low taxonomic diversity in the aftermath of the Permian–Triassic Boundary mass extinction

Author(s) : Brosse M, Bucher H, Baud A, Frisk �, Goudemand N, Hagdorn H, Nützel A, Ware D, Hautmann M,
Journal : Lethaia

Differing Strategies Despite Shared Lineages of Motor Neurons and Glia to Achieve Robust Development of an Adult Neuropil in Drosophila

Author(s) : Enriquez J, Rio L, Blazeski R, Bellemin S, Godement P, Mason C, Mann R,
Journal : Neuron

Evidence for DNA Sequence Encoding of an Accessible Nucleosomal Array across Vertebrates

Author(s) : Brunet F, Audit B, Drillon G, Argoul F, Volff J, Arneodo A,
Journal : Biophys J

Teleost Fish-Specific Preferential Retention of Pigmentation Gene-Containing Families After Whole Genome Duplications in Vertebrates

Author(s) : Lorin T, Brunet F, Laudet V, Volff J,
Journal : G3 (Bethesda)

LTR-retrotransposon transcriptome modulation in response to endotoxin-induced stress in PBMCs

Author(s) : Mommert M, Tabone O, Oriol G, Cerrato E, Guichard A, Naville M, Fournier P, Volff J, Pachot A, Monneret G, Venet F, Brengel-Pesce K, Textoris J, Mallet F,
Journal : BMC Genomics

LSD1-ERRalpha complex requires NRF1 to positively regulate transcription and cell invasion

Author(s) : Zhang L, Carnesecchi J, Cerutti C, Tribollet V, Perian S, Forcet C, Wong J, Vanacker J,
Journal : Sci Rep

The in-silico zebrafish matrisome: A new tool to study extracellular matrix gene and protein functions

Author(s) : Nauroy P, Hughes S, Naba A, Ruggiero F,
Journal : Matrix Biology

Metallome evolution in ageing C. elegans and a copper stable isotope perspective.

Author(s) : Sauzeat L, Laurencon A, Balter V,
Journal : Metallomics

Development of a PCR-RFLP assay to identify Drosophila melanogaster among field-collected larvae

Author(s) : Raquin V, Henri H, Vallat M, Leulier F, Gibert P, Kremer N,
Journal : Ecology and Evolution

Bony pseudoteeth of extinct pelagic birds (Aves, Odontopterygiformes) formed through a response of bone cells to tooth-specific epithelial signals under unique conditions

Author(s) : Louchart A, Buffrenil V, Bourdon E, Dumont M, Viriot L, Sire J,
Journal : Sci Rep