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Vanacker, JM, Bonnelye, E, Chopin-Delannoy, S, Delmarre, C, Cavailles, V, and Laudet, V (1999).
Transcriptional activities of the orphan nuclear receptor ERR alpha (estrogen receptor-related receptor-alpha)
Mol Endocrinol, 13(5):764-73.

Vanacker, JM, Pettersson, K, Gustafsson, JA, and Laudet, V (1999).
Transcriptional targets shared by estrogen receptor- related receptors (ERRs) and estrogen receptor (ER) alpha, but not by ERbeta
EMBO J, 18(15):4270-9.

Vanacker, JM, Bonnelye, E, Delmarre, C, and Laudet, V (1998).
Activation of the thyroid hormone receptor alpha gene promoter by the orphan nuclear receptor ERR alpha
Oncogene, 17(19):2429-35.

Vanacker, JM, Delmarre, C, Guo, X, and Laudet, V (1998).
Activation of the osteopontin promoter by the orphan nuclear receptor estrogen receptor related alpha
Cell Growth Differ, 9(12):1007-14.

Bonnelye, E, Vanacker, JM, Dittmar, T, Begue, A, Desbiens, X, Denhardt, DT, Aubin, JE, Laudet, V, and Fournier, B (1997).
The ERR-1 orphan receptor is a transcriptional activator expressed during bone development
Mol Endocrinol, 11(7):905-16.

Bonnelye, E, Vanacker, JM, Spruyt, N, Alric, S, Fournier, B, Desbiens, X, and Laudet, V (1997).
Expression of the estrogen-related receptor 1 (ERR-1) orphan receptor during mouse development
Mech Dev, 65(1-2):71-85.

Vanacker, JM, Corbau, R, Adelmant, G, Perros, M, Laudet, V, and Rommelaere, J (1996).
Transactivation of a cellular promoter by the NS1 protein of the parvovirus minute virus of mice through a putative hormone-responsive element
J Virol, 70(4):2369-77.

Perros, M, Deleu, L, Vanacker, JM, Kherrouche, Z, Spruyt, N, Faisst, S, and Rommelaere, J (1995).
Upstream CREs participate in the basal activity of minute virus of mice promoter P4 and in its stimulation in ras-transformed cells
J Virol, 69(9):5506-15.

Bonnelye, E, Vanacker, JM, Desbiens, X, Begue, A, Stehelin, D, and Laudet, V (1994).
Rev-erb beta, a new member of the nuclear receptor superfamily, is expressed in the nervous system during chicken development
Cell Growth Differ, 5(12):1357-65.

Perros, M, Spegelaere, P, Dupont, F, Vanacker, JM, and Rommelaere, J (1994).
Cruciform structure of a DNA motif of parvovirus minute virus of mice (prototype strain) involved in the attenuation of gene expression
J Gen Virol, 75 ( Pt 10):2645-53.

Becquart, P, Vanacker, JM, Duponchel, N, Begue, A, and Rommelaere, J (1993).
Expression of the non-structural proteins of parvovirus MVMp from recombinant retroviruses: predominant role of the parvoviral NS-1 product in host cell disturbance
Res Virol, 144(6):465-70.

Laudet, V, Vanacker, JM, Adelmant, G, Begue, A, and Stehelin, D (1993).
Characterization of a functional promoter for the human thyroid hormone receptor alpha (c-erbA-1) gene
Oncogene, 8(4):975-82.

Vanacker, JM, Laudet, V, Adelmant, G, Stehelin, D, and Rommelaere, J (1993).
Interconnection between thyroid hormone signalling pathways and parvovirus cytotoxic functions
J Virol, 67(12):7668-72.

Dupressoir, T, Vanacker, JM, Cornelis, JJ, Duponchel, N, and Rommelaere, J (1989).
Inhibition by parvovirus H-1 of the formation of tumors in nude mice and colonies in vitro by transformed human mammary epithelial cells
Cancer Res, 49(12):3203-8.

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