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Webinars, media and outreach


April 2024

The team presents itself in the Lab meeting section of The node


January-February 2024: first fertilisation of eggs of Fucus serratus (nice movies from Alexis laugh)


20 January 2024

Outreach: "From the ocean to the lab". In partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation, our team shared its brown algae models and current research with the general public.


Submerged by 4-way junctions: how the embryon of the brown alga Saccharina e-copes”. Cambridge Seminar Series, B. Charrier


The DIGITAL MARINE is an ERASMUS+ Education European programme that help students and teachers better know research and application about marine organisms. Notably, the brown algal module focuses on two brown algal species: Ectocarpus et Saccharina. Videos show how to cultivate them, what evolution they went through, and which application they can lead to.


PEGASUS is a white paper giving recommendations for rules guiding and framing the cultivation of seaweeds in Europe. The document was presented at a SEARICA group session at the European Parliament in February 2019.

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