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  • Desynchronization of Circadian Clocks in Cancer: A Metabolic and Epigenetic Connection.
    Kiran Padmanabhan# and  Marc Billaud.
    Frontiers in Endocrinology, 19 June 2017 |
  • Histone H3.3 regulates mitotic progression in mouse embryonic fibroblasts. 
    Ors A, Papin C, Favier B, Roulland Y, Dalkara D, Ozturk M, Hamiche A, Dimitrov S and Padmanabhan K#.
    Biochemistry and Cell Biology2017 doi :10.1139/bcb-2016-0190


  • The flexible ends of CENP-A nucleosome are required for mitotic fidelity.
    Roulland Y , Ouararhni K , Naidenov M , Ramos L , Shuaib M , Syed SH , Lone IN, Boopathi R, Fontaine E , Papai G ,Tachiwana H, Gautier T , Skoufias D , Padmanabhan K , Bednar J , Kurumizaka H,  Schultz P, Angelov D , Hamiche A & Dimitrov S.  
    Molecular Cell. 32081-7(16).


  • ANP32E is a histone chaperone that removes H2A.Z from chromatin.
    Obri A, Ouararhni K, Papin C, Diebold ML, Padmanabhan K, Marek M, Stoll I, Roy L, Reilly PT, Mak TW, Dimitrov S, Romier C and Hamiche A.  
    Nature. 505: 648-53.


  • Feedback regulation of transcriptional termination by the mammalian circadian clock PERIOD complex.
    Padmanabhan K, Robles M, Westerling T and Weitz CJ. 
    Science. 337: 599-602.


  • Identification of RACK1 and protein kinase Calpha as integral components of the mammalian circadian clock. 
    Robles M, Boyault C, Knutti D, Padmanabhan K and Weitz CJ.
    Science. 327: 463-6, 2010.
  • Pumilio-2 controls translation by competing with eIF4e for 7-methyl guanosine cap recognition. 
    Cao Q, Padmanabhan K and Richter JD.
    RNA. 16(2):338-48, 2010.


  • Translational unmasking of Emi2 directs cytostatic factor arrest in meiosis II.
    Tung JJ*, Padmanabhan K*, Hansen D, Richter JD and Jackson P.  
    Cell Cycle 6 (6): e1-e7, 2007. (*equal contribution)


  • Regulated Pumilio-2 binding controls RINGO/Spy mRNA translation and CPEB activation.
    Padmanabhan K and Richter JD. 
    Genes Dev. 20 (2): 199-209, 2006.


  •  A preliminary investigation of modified alginates as a matrix for gene transfection in a HeLa cell model.
    Padmanabhan K and Smith TJ.
    Pharm Dev Technol 7 (1): 97-101, 2002