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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 52 references in this bibliography folder.

Zimm, R, Berio, F, Debiais-Thibaud, M, and Goudemand, N (2023).
A shark-inspired general model of tooth morphogenesis unveils developmental asymmetries in phenotype transitions
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 120(15):e2216959120.

Berio, F, Bayle, Y, Baum, D, Goudemand, N, and Debiais-Thibaud, M (2022).
Hide and seek shark teeth in Random Forests: Machine learning applied to Scyliorhinus canicula
PeerJ, 10:e13575.

Souquet, L, Guenser, P, Girard, C, Mazza, M, Rigo, M, and Goudemand, N (2022).
Temperature-driven heterochrony as a main evolutionary response to climate changes in conodonts
Proc Biol Sci, 289(1985):20220614.

Berio, F, Evin, A, Goudemand, N, and Debiais-Thibaud, M (2020).
The intraspecific diversity of tooth morphology in the large-spotted catshark Scyliorhinus stellaris: insights into the ontogenetic cues driving sexual dimorphism
J Anat, 237(5):960–978.

Guenser, P, Souquet, L, Dolédec, S, Mazza, M, Rigo, M, and Goudemand, N (2019).
Deciphering the roles of environment and development in the evolution of a Late Triassic assemblage of conodont elements

Jattiot, R, Fara, E, Brayard, A, Urdy, S, and Goudemand, N (2019).
Learning from beautiful monsters: phylogenetic and morphogenetic implications of left-right asymmetry in ammonoid shells
BMC Evol Biol, 19(1):210.

Brosse, M, Bucher, H, Baud, A, Frisk, �M, Goudemand, N, Hagdorn, H, Nützel, A, Ware, D, and Hautmann, M (2018).
New data from Oman indicate benthic high biomass productivity coupled with low taxonomic diversity in the aftermath of the Permian–Triassic Boundary mass extinction
Lethaia, 0(0).

Doguzhaeva, L, Brayard, A, Goudemand, N, Krumenacker, L, Jenk, J, Bylund, K, Fara, E, Olivier, Nx, Escarguel, G, and Vennin, E (2018).
An Early Triassic gladius associated with soft tissue remains from Idaho, USA—a squid-like coleoid cephalopod at the onset of Mesozoic Era
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 63.

Olivier, N, Fara, E, Vennin, E, Bylund, KG, Jenks, JF, Escarguel, G, Stephen, DA, Goudemand, N, Snyder, D, Thomazo, C, and Brayard, A (2018).
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Facies, 64(2).

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Unexpected Early Triassic marine ecosystem and the rise of the Modern evolutionary fauna
Science Advances, 3(2).

Brosse, M, Baud, A, Bhat, GM, Bucher, H, Leu, M, Vennemann, T, and Goudemand, N (2017).
Conodont-based Griesbachian biochronology of the Guryul Ravine section (basal Triassic, Kashmir, India)

Brosse, M, Bucher, H, and Goudemand, N (2017).
Reply to the Comment on "Quantitative biochronology of the Permian-Triassic boundary in South China based on conodont unitary associations"
Earth-Science Reviews, 164:259-261.

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In: EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, vol. 19, pp. 13931. EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts.

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New high precision U-Pb calibration of the late Early-Triassic (Smithian-Spathian Boundary, South China)
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Quantitative biochronology of the Permian-Triassic boundary in South China based on conodont unitary associations
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Looking Beyond the Genes: The Interplay Between Signaling Pathways and Mechanics in the Shaping and Diversification of Epithelial Tissues
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Conodonts from the Early Triassic Microbialite of Guangxi (South China): Implications for the Definition of the Base of the Triassic System
Palaeontology, 58(3):563-584.

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Competition in slow motion: the unusual case of benthic marine communities in the wake of the end-Permian mass extinction
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Developing a strategy for accurate definition of a geological boundary through radio-isotopic and biochronological dating: The Early-Middle Triassic boundary (South China)
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Goudemand, N, Romano, C, Brayard, A, Hochuli, PA, and Bucher, H (2013).
Comment on "Lethally Hot Temperatures During the Early Triassic Greenhouse"
Science, 339(6123).

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Climatic and biotic upheavals following the end-Permian mass extinction
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Evidence for atmospheric carbon injection during the end-Permian extinction
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Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoid faunas from Exotic Blocks from Oman: taxonomy and biochronology
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The elusive origin of Chiosella timorensis (Conodont Triassic)
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Goudemand, N, Orchard, MJ, Tafforeau, P, Urdy, S, Bruhwiler, T, Brayard, A, Galfetti, T, and Bucher, H (2012).
Early Triassic conodont clusters from South China: revision of the architecture of the 15 element apparatuses of the superfamily Gondolelloidea
Palaeontology, 55:1021-1034.

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