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External seminar - P. GASPAR

When Feb 02, 2015
from 11:30 to 12:30
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On Monday the 2nd of February Pedro GASPAR (from Florence Janody lab, IGC Gulbenkian Oeiras) will present a seminar entitled:


Control of Yorkie-dependent growth by the actin polymerization machinery


This event  is scheduled at 11:30 am at IGFL in room 0-63 (groud floor).



Coordinated multicellular growth during development is achieved by the sensing of spatial and nutritional boundaries. The conserved Hippo signalling pathway has been proposed to restrict tissue growth by perceiving mechanical constraints through actin cytoskeleton networks, but little is know about the properties and molecular nature of these networks. I will describe a cytoskeletal mechanism that finely regulates tissue proliferation via the Hippo pathway, being centred in an antagonism between the proteins Zyxin and Expanded and relying on the function of the F-actin barbed end factors Enabled and Capping Proteins. This mechanism is essential for the control of final tissue size and I will show how it distinctly impacts on the activity of the Yorkie oncogene to control the expression of genes essential for cell proliferation and survival.