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External seminar: Jean-Michel Gibert

When Jun 26, 2023
from 11:00 to 12:00
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External seminar: Jean-Michel Gibert (Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine)

"Adaptive role and genetic bases of abdominal pigmentation and its plasticity in Drosophila"


Abdominal pigmentation in Drosophila melanogaster is genetically variable in natural populations. It is also modulated by developmental temperature and we use it as a model of phenotypic plasticity. I will show how genetic analyses of natural variants for abdominal pigmentation and dissection of the mechanisms underlying abdominal pigmentation thermal plasticity have revealed that, interestingly, the same genes carry genetic variation affecting abdominal pigmentation and are transcriptionally modulated by temperature. For example, the pigmentation enzyme coding gene tan carries genetic variation affecting abdominal pigmentation and its expression is modulated by temperature in abdominal epidermis. Clinal variation in pigmentation suggests that it is an adaptive trait. The darker pigmentation produced when flies develop at low temperature is also thought to be adaptive. In agreement with this, we showed recently that cuticle pigmentation modulate body temperature in drosophilids exposed to light.

Host: Ingrid Dourlens

Monday, June 26th

Room Condorcet