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There are various types of microscopes available for IGFL users (please login to intranet!).

  • Widefield microscopes for transmitted light and fluorescence observation (inverted: Zeiss AxioObserverZ1 and upright: Leica DM6000, Olympus BX50).
  • Stereomicroscopes that are useful for looking at whole organisms or wholemounts. They provide various transmitted light and fluorescent modes. This includes the Leica M205 microscopes and the AxioZoom microscope (with XY stage and Apotome optical sectioning module).
  • Confocal microscopes : Zeiss LSM 780  (inverted  with spectral detection) & Leica SP8 (upright).
  • A stereoscopic microscope with fluorescence intended for viewing GFP or Red-emitting proteins in live cultures/organisms/organs.
  • New microscope Keyence VHX 7000
  • Two computers equipped with fast graphic cards and 16/32 GB internal memory for processing of images using ImageJ, FIJI, ZEN analysis, or LAS software.


I'd like to use a microscope - How do I start?

Access depends on the level of training of the user and the help required to appropriately use the microscope(s). Potential new users must contact the people in charge.

If you want to use these microscopes you must first get in touch with the coordinators (see below).

These microscopes use various imaging software and if you require any assistance see the list of contact persons. We can also advise you for some post-processing needs.

To reserve a slot for using a miscroscope, go to the IGFL equipment reservation site


Who can i contact for help?


Marilyne Duffraisse & Marilyne Malbouyres    (coordinators)


Nicolas Labert 

Anne Lambert

Cathy Ramos