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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 84 references in this bibliography folder.

Crozet, C, Flamant, F, Bencsik, A, Aubert, D, Samarut, J, and Baron, T (2001).
Efficient transmission of two different sheep scrapie isolates in transgenic mice expressing the ovine PrP gene
J Virol, 75(11):5328-34.

Revol, V, Tsuboi, I, Flamant, F, Samarut, J, Blanchet, JP, and Mouchiroud, G (1999).
A novel growth-factor-dependent myeloid cell line derived from mouse bone marrow cells contains progenitors endowed with high proliferative potential
Exp Hematol, 27(1):88-98.

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Involvement of thyroid hormone and its alpha receptor in avian neurulation
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Identification of transcripts initiated from an internal promoter in the c-erbA alpha locus that encode inhibitors of retinoic acid receptor-alpha and triiodothyronine receptor activities
Mol Endocrinol, 11(9):1278-90.

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Virofection: a one-step procedure for using replication-defective retrovirus vectors
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Replication-competent and -defective retrovirus vectors for oncogenic studies
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Flamant, F, Aubert, D, Legrand, C, Cosset, FL, and Samarut, J (1993).
Importance of 3' non-coding sequences for efficient retrovirus-mediated gene transfer in avian cells revealed by self-inactivating vectors
J Gen Virol, 74 ( Pt 1):39-46.

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